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    Dear Rick,

    This stamped version is an accepted variation, as far as I know. I have an identical one in my collection. I have only seen these variations in silver. The catch, if it were present on the piece shown, should be a flat wire stock type.

    Gary B

    Edited by Gary B
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    I have moved this badge into this forum for discussion regarding authenticity. I have also removed the sale details for now. Have at it!

    Dear Sir

    That's a good very unconnon hollow zinc JFS . A bit worn but nice to have in any condition .

    Please check c/o ww.infanteriesturmabzeichen.de, wehrmacht awards forum , or ask some qualified collector (Detlev or Frank Heukemes) .

    Sorry ,you have made a blunder . I wait for your apologies .

    yours sincerely


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    Hi Giorgio, my apologies if I have offended you. When there's a question regarding authenticity, it will always be moved to the corresponding forum for discussion. Whether it's my question, or any other member's question is irrelevant.

    Since the bulk of your participation on this forum is sales efforts (31% of your total posts, with the single most active forum you participate in being the sales forum) it is appropriate for us to keep a close eye on this activity.

    When other members weigh in in a positive manner, feel free to ADD this item to one of your existing sales threads on badges. NOT to post multiple threads of single items for sale.

    Regards, Rick

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