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    Baltenkreuz / Where are all the Baltic Crosses?

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    Rare grouping to a Baltic Fighter.


    Gefreiten Ludwig Anlicker served on the Western Front and Germany from April 1918 - April 1919 in Baden Leib-Grenadier Regiment 109.
    Sometime in mid 1919 he went to the Baltic and served in the M.G. Abteilung, Regiment Baden, Freiwilliges Abteilungs von Medem, which was part of the Iron Division (Eiserne Division) and from August 24, 1919 part of Volunteer Russian Army of the West (Freiwillige Russische Westarmee) of Prince Avalov-Bermondt. His pass notes he fought in the Baltic against the Latvians and Bolsheviks (Kämpfe im Baltikum gegen Letten u. Bolschewisten) and was awarded the Baltic Cross and Maltese Cross for the Russian Army of the West (Baltenkreuz, Malteserkreuz). He left service on 16.2.20.

    His awards include:

    EKII - 19.9.18 (marked SW)
    Baltic Cross (Baltenkreuz) - 9.8.19 (likely Deumer)
    Maltese Cross of the Russian Army of the West (Malteserkreuz) - 1.12.19 (The official title for this award was Das Abzeichen für Dienstgrade der russische Westarmee (Badge for All Ranks of the Russian Western Army). (likely locally made in Latvia)

    Anlicker grpsm.jpg


    Baltic CrossCompsm.jpg

    Dienstgrade badge Russ Westarmeesm.jpg

    ribbon barcompsm.jpg


    Anlicker v Medem stampssm.jpg

    Anlicker Baltenkr_Malteserkrsm.jpg

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    Here is a nice quality early Third Reich period Baltic Cross variation in brass finished in an oxidized matte-gilt with a polished trefoil cross.

    This type is shown in Ingo Haarcke's book on Freikorps awards on the bottom of page 94 and listed as Type 6.



    Baltic Cross TR period.jpg

    Baltic Cross TR period rev.jpg

    Baltic Cross TR period rev2.jpg

    Baltic Cross TR side.jpg

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