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    Could you post me an picture of the "War merit medal" from the grand dutchy of oldenburg? I've never seen it before, and the picture in the book of bayreiss isn't really good, so I hope to find here someone who had the medal in his collection...

    Thank a lot


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    Hi Westfale,

    Here's your medal being worn on a Spange with other medals...

    ? Preussen, EK 2. Klasse 1914 am Nichtk?mpferband, nur ca. 13?000 Verleihungen! (OEK 1909)

    ? Preussen, Verdienstkrez f?r Kriegshilfe, 1916-24 (OEK 1966)

    ? Preussen, Rote Kreuz Medaille, 2. Klasse (OEK 1871)

    ? Preussen, Rote Kreuz Medaille, 3. Klasse (OEK 1872)

    ? Oldenburg, Kriegsverdienstmedaille, 1917-1918 (OEK 1565)

    ? Deutsches Reich 1933-45, Ehrenkreuz f?r Kriegsteilnehmer (OEK 3803/2)

    ? Preussen, Centenarmedaille 1897 (OEK 1965)



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