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    Good or Bad Ek1 ?57

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    What can you say abot this ek1 ?57?

    It?s magnetic!

    Is it a genuine piece or just crap?

    Old or new fabrication?

    Havn?t seen this catch before on an Ek1 ?57! :unsure:

    Thanks in advance!


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    Guest Darrell


    If you can jump at this one take it !!!

    It is an early '57 EK1 manufactured with WW2 Frames and a Reverse Pin assembly attributed from Wilhelm Deumer. Highly sought after and worth some pretty decent monies by many collectors (including me :jumping: )

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    Guest Darrell

    Hi Peter,

    Does he have any pictures of the catch from an angle (preferably looking along the pin from the bottom of the cross)? I'd swear that the catch is a Deumer :unsure:

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    Rick, S&L certainly seem to have been the main player from the 70s/80s onwards but they shared the early work with other WW2 firms like Deumer. I have a Deumer advert from a 1958 German publication specifically dealing with officially sanctioned BundesRepublic awards. There are 1957 EK1s that bear their WW2 L/11 marking and 1957 EK2s with "3" stamped rings - ie for their earlier 57er efforts they were using WW2 stock. Assmann were also active at some stage, as there are some marked examples of their work in circulation. Other WW2 manufacturers are also known to have produced early 57er awards.



    PS: I strongly agree with the other who have stated this is most likely an unmarked Deumer example.

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    thanks for this interesting and useful piece

    of information! any chance of scanning that


    these pieces are truly getting the research

    and attention they deserve. most of the

    info is a few paragraphs as an appendage

    in the few EK books that are out there

    (no offense, steve and gordon!! :blush: )


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    S & L was the main player in the 1957 market they produced every type of 1957 award from their inception right up to the shiny crap churned out recently .

    Deumer and Assman produced a few early awards awards mainly using wartime parts and usually maker marked these were by and large bought by the vets who wanted to wear them .

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    As Grant and the others rightly state, this is a Deumer 57 EK. For comparision here are my two 57 Deumer marked EKs. The EK1 is marked L/11 and the EK2 is ring stamped '3'.

    Thanks to Grant for making these additions to my collection possible.

    Oh the pictures were taken using a flash so the items don't look quite as good as they do 'in the hand'.

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