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    Generaloberst Rudel (Chief of Flak Tabs) Picture

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    Attached is a rather rare and interesting press photo of Generaloberst Rudel. 2 things make this picture especially nice; 1st the KC of the WMC and 2nd are the clear view of the Generaloberst tabs. These tabs are unique in the line of Luftwaffe General officer tabs in that they were the only ones authorized to not have the white underlay/waffenfarbe. Genobst Rudel was allowed to wear his rank insignia with a red waffenfarbe. (Rudel served as Chief of Flak for the Luftwaffe)

    Compare these to the von Greim tabs in an earlier posting.

    Gary B

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    Guest Rick Research

    I've always wondered if the absurdly large eagle wing protruding beyond the collar like Playboy bunny ears was reinforced with metal (like carrying straight razor-blades around Generalobersten's necks :speechless1: ) or... what?

    What kept them from getting snapped/pulled off?

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    Yes I agree Rick he does look like a cartoon depiction of a Hollywood Nazi with those tabs, and

    according to the Axis History forum they are backed in red.

    This list of KVK Luftwaffe winners (with Rudel mentioned) is from that forum also :-


    LUFTWAFFE, Generale:

    Generalmajor Carl-August Freiherr von Gablenz 04.09.1942 mS (posthum)

    Generaloberst G?nter R?del 09.11.1942 mS

    General der Flieger Ludwig Wolff 27.09.1943 mS

    General der Flieger Bernhard K?hl 28.10.1943 mS

    Generalleutnant Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Vorwald 02.07.1944 mS

    General der Flieger Veit Fischer 05.07.1944 mS

    Generalingenieur Arthur Paul (Bundeswehr-Brigadegeneral) 15.07.1944 mS

    General der Flieger Hans-Georg von Seidel 31.08.1944 mS

    General der Luftnachrichtentruppe Dr.-Ing. e.h. Wolfgang Martini 01.02.1945 mS

    General der Flakartillerie Emil Zenetti 01.02.1945 mS

    Generalmajor Alfred Boner (H?h. Naf?) 20.04.1945 mS

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