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  1. Great photo. At first glance the bayonet looks a bit like an s98nA, but it's actually a rare Bavarian model 1914 Griechisches Messer which were converted by Simson & Co to fit the gew. 98 from left over Greek model 1903 bayonets. Not often seen in period photos since only a few thousand of these bayonets were produced.
  2. Thanks for the kind comments! A couple other pieces.. Feldpost of the Garde-Maschinengewehr-Scharfschutzen-Abteilung-Kompanie.3. using what looks to be a captured French Saint-Etienne Modele 1907. Shooting prize target
  3. Some very awesome equipment shown in this thread! Here's some of my MG items. Bayonets: (71/84 AR87) Saxon Reserve Infantry Regiment 100 Maschinengewehr-Kompanie (71/84 AR87) Saxon Reserve Infantry Regiment 107 Maschinengewehr-Kompanie (71/84 L88) Bavarian Infantry Regiment 13 Maschinengewehr-Kompanie (84/98nA W15) Maschinengewehr Zug 2 (84/98nAmS W15) Maschinengewehr-[Scharfschutzen] Abteilung 21 Kompanie 1 (IOD 1889) Reserve Fusilier Regiment 39 Maschinengewehr-Kompanie (M1894 Hebel) Infantry Regiment 48 Maschinengewehr-Kompanie 3
  4. Hi Stuka, Thanks for the correction & additional information on the helmet. -Josh
  5. I'm considering purchasing this pickelhaube and would appreciate any opinions on it. Also, what's a ball park value range on these? Thanks for the help!
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