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  1. Hi, if you google "Gau Ehrenzeichen Thüringen" you´ll find loads of pics to compare. GreyC
  2. I second hucks216 opinion und would like to add that his name was not Kuhn but Kühn. GreyC
  3. Good thing you did. I thought of WW1 but now it´s clear its a tunic of 1935 or later. Here is a good summary of AR 64 ´s organisation/history http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/ArtReg/Gliederung.htm GreyC
  4. Hi, not my field of expertise, try: http://h2385226.stratoserver.net/wbb4/index.php/BoardList/ GreyC
  5. Hi, chances are they were mentioned in the regimental history which is downloadable here: http://digital.wlb-stuttgart.de/sammlungen/sammlungsliste/werksansicht/?no_cache=1&tx_dlf[id]=3970 GreyC
  6. Hi, it would be easier if you´d shown the whole jacket, as from the label it is not clear if he belonged to Fuß-Artillerie or Feld-Artillerie. As there seemingly was no Fuß-Artillerie Regiment of that number he must have served with the Saxon FAR 64. There is a regimental history of this unit, but as he was no officer chances are slim he is mentioned in it. Wagner, Erich: "Das 5. Kgl. Sächs. Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 64". Dresden 1922, 142 Seiten (Band 4 des sächs. Anteils der Erinnerungsblätter). Probably the reason why he was called Kühn II is that Kühn I, given name Arno of same regiment, served in the 2nd Batterie. He was killed in action 1916. Kühn II seems to have survived the war unharmed. GreyC
  7. Unknown CDV 1860

    Hi Hopsi, please provide all the information available at the beginning of a request, it makes things a lot easier for those prepared to help. Please scan photos front and back, if there are any information on the reverse in the future. Photo with that address was taken between 1864-67. Best, GreyC
  8. Unknown CDV 1860

    I´d have an idea if you could supply a Hausnummer. GreyC
  9. Unknown CDV 1860

    Hi, are there addresses on the CDVs and if so which? GreyC
  10. Hi, the Duke of Edinburgh is a grandson of George I, King of Greece and nephew of Konstantin, King of Greece, George I successor. GreyC
  11. Hello, can anybody tell me to what country this soldier/this uniform belongs? Somebody suggested Switzerland. Thank you! GreyC
  12. Thank you for the confirmation Bayern! GreyC
  13. Hello, here´s a closer view: GreyC
  14. Thank you very much gentlemen! Based on your information someone familiar with the uniforms of the Italian army just told me 1st Italian Engineers Regiment. GreyC
  15. Ah, interesting thought. Because Navy was national... I understand. GreyC
  16. Hi, nice bar. But in my humble opinion not a Bavarian, as the EK II is first. Were he Bavarian, the Bavarian decoration were first on the bar. GreyC
  17. Hi, it says Konzentrationslager Oranienburg (Concentrationcamp Oranienburg). It was near Berlin. If these are genuine, I can´t say. GreyC
  18. ...and with it comes the solution, I think. That´s why it is helpful to post all information available with the first post. It would have saved me time and effort. This is not the Prussian Husaren-Leibregiment from Danzig, it´s the Hessian Husaren-Leibregiment from Hofgeismar. Hessen was an independant state and did not have anything to do military-wise with Prussia until after the war of 1866 in which the Hessians were on the loosing end. After 1866 the 1st Hessian Husaren Leibregiment became the 1. Hessisches Husaren-Regiment Nr. 13 of the Prussian Army. So you will have to find a Hessian Rank List of 1859 or the respective Kurfürstlich Hessisches Hof- und Staatshandbuch. GreyC
  19. Hi, I read Badieker, but might be proven wrong. Can you post the whole page or document, please? GreyC
  20. I stand corrected. At least I mentioned that there was another one. GreyC
  21. Actually, the correct name is von Bartenwerffer. During the war there were two Oberst and one Generalmajor as well as one Oberleutnant active by that name. Your Hauptmann in 1907/09 was Major at the beginning of the war serving in the Großer Generalstab and ended it as Oberst and Chief of Staff of Generalkommando 55. GreyC
  22. Hi, the name is "von Bartenwerfer" there was a staff-officer under Ludendorff´s command by this name. But if it´s him or a relative I don´t know. GreyC
  23. Hi, the 2nd photo shows a Vizefeldwebel of the Friedensheer (after January 1st 1919, the predecessor organisation of the Vorläufige Reichswehr. From 12.07.1919 rank insignia were changed to those of the Vorläufige Reichswehr. You should allow some time as transition-period for dating the photo. Middle of January to end of July should cover it. Here´s my example of a Vizefeldwebel of IR 149 with EKI and silver or gold wound badge in the post war version. GreyC