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  1. Hi, with regards to the photo in #3 it shows the officer´s version of the propellerblade and wings of the Luftstreitkräfte. See attached an example for other ranks of the Flieger-Ersatz-Abteilung 7 from Brunswick. With regards to the "31" on the shoulderboard (if it is 31), please be reminded that there was also the LIR 31 and RIR 31 (Landwehr and Reserve Regiment) GreyC
  2. Could it be an Edelweiss? GreyC
  3. Hi, Kavallerie-Units of the German Army got increasingly split up as the war progressed (as rule of thumb) and became assigned to support infantry units in the trenches, or were used as couriers and auxiliary police. GreyC
  4. Hi, Karl Eduard von Fichte (Fichte) Karl Eduard von Fichte Birthdate: März 24, 1826 (79) Birthplace: Saarbrücken, Gft. Nassau-Saarbrücken, Deutschland, DB Death: Mai 08, 1905 Stuttgart He was the grandson of the Philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte
  5. Hi, it´s a gift from his commander: Stabsarzt Dr. Hopfengärtner v/sm (von seinem) Chef GA (Generalarzt) Dr. v. Fichte Febr(uar) 1896 GreyC
  6. Here is a Militärbeamter who was awarded one. Next to it Erinnerungsmedaille 1870/71. GreyC
  7. GreyC

    Children in military uniforms

    Hi, they are asking for contributions for a Rettungsgesellschaft, probably an orphan´s fund or the like. The photo was likely taken in Vienna. https://kattus.at/ Some of the children in Uniform photos are wonderful! GreyC
  8. Hello gentlemen, so if I understand this correctly, there were not only documents issued for EKI, II after the war as "catch ups", but also some that were earned after the armistice during Freikorps activities? Thank you, Grey
  9. Hallo Spolei,

    gratuliere zum Schnäppchen! Sehr schön. Hast Du auch die Spange bekommen?


    1. spolei


      Nein die Spange hat wohl der user Nicolas7507 gekauft.
      Von der Feldspange wusste ich gar nichts.
      Im SDA ist ein user, der hatte letztes Jahr zwei große Ordenschnallen zum einhängen aus dem auseinandergerissenen Nachlass gekauft.
      Gruß Andreas

  10. Hi, is he from KB 5. FAR? Cheers, GreyC
  11. Hi Dave chanced upon this and doing a little search found that you were and might still be interested in him... Read the name on the back, please.




    1. Dave Danner

      Dave Danner

      Hi, Thanks for that. 

      Now I have to reevaluate all the Theophiles. The FR 90 Stammliste listed its Theophile as Friedrich, but that looks like a "90" on the shoulder boards. Also, the 1915 Frankfurt Adressbuch lists an architect in Isenburg as "Max", and the 1911 rank list of reserve and Landwehr officers says the FR 90 officer was an architect in Isenburg. So the Stammliste got it wrong. He received the MMV1 as well as the MMV2.


    2. GreyC


      Hi, yes, I am interested in the units of IX AK, that´s why I took a closer look at the photo. Then I saw that you have worked on in this particular familiy, so I thought I drop you a line.

      Have a nice weekend!


  12. GreyC

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi, the flu was just one illness that could spark an epidemic. There were many more which were contagious as well and as deadly. So the stamp means only that it is a hospital for contagious diseases. The writer of the last card was a member of a reserve Field or Foot Regiment 203. The line below is curious. It says Ueberaschungsgruppe Major Zobl which translates as Surprisegroup Major Zobl. Have never heard of such a group (surprise-attack-group, maybe?) GreyC
  13. Hi, this is true only during peace time as far as I know. GreyC
  14. GreyC

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi Farkas, thanks for sharing your story with us. Do you know if your Grandpa was ever wounded? GreyC
  15. GreyC

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi, here is a photo of German-Russian fraternization after the armistice. Note the German band and the photo-camera on the left. GreyC
  16. Hi, the photos are really to small to sayfor certain but I mean to see that the NCO (Unteroffizier) and the guy to his left in the 2nd photo both have marksman/Good shooting badges on their sleeves. The NCO one better than his comrade. GreyC
  17. GreyC

    Photos and Feldposte

    Uncle Gyulu wants to know from Aladar, how his Grandmother (probably Aladar´s) managed the trip to Ödenburg (Sopron). GreyC
  18. Hi, my link gives the reason why it might be missing. Entnobilitiert means it was stripped of the imperial chiffre because it was used in the Reichswehr. If you find any markings on it, specialists may confirm that. GreyC
  19. Hi, nice pix! Especially the Firefighters. The guy with the lantern is group-chief. Hermann sent the card (that he says turned out well) to his girlfriend or wife with "hot kisses". An appropriate choice of words for a firefighter! GreyC
  20. Hi all, don´t know if this private photo counts... GreyC
  21. Hi, probably the chiffre of the regiment he served with. See: https://www.feldgrau-forum.com/threads/infanterie-offiziers-degen-n-m-i-o-d-1889-kriegsfertigung.33454/ GreyC
  22. Hi, the writing is very faint. What I can make out is: Nach der EK Verteilung EKI Oblt (Ing) Hans ??? in Lund i(n) N(orwegen)- After Iron Cross distribution, IC 1st class Oberleutnant (Engineer) Hans ??? in Lund in Norway. GreyC