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  1. Hi Andreas, if it were Nauder the writer of the name forgot the arch above the "u" . Possible but in official documents rather rare. The name Nander is scarce but there were people who had this name. GreyC
  2. Hi Chris, to me it´s Johann Nander. The short horizontal line across the "N" seems to have been drawn to have ahelp aligning the others in height. GreyC
  3. Hi, it says Sedan 1931 Höchste Ringzahl / Highest Ringnumber (Highscore). Therefore I´d suggest a privat/civilian medal of a shooting competition (Schützenfest) GreyC
  4. Hi nesredep, I might have some photos from Norway, I don´t think Narvik, though. Mostly ships. Don´t know if interesting enough or fitting for this thread. GreyC
  5. Ah, thanks: Deutsche Reichsauszeichnung für Leibesübungen GreyC
  6. Hi Morton, thanks for your reply, what´s DRL, please? GreyC
  7. Hi nesredep, interesting photo! I think its pretty rare for navy personnel to wear three Kriegsabzeichen like the man in the middle. The photo is a bit blurry but I mean to make out a Minensucherabzeichen and a Zerstörerabzeichen. Can you recognize the third? GreyC
  8. Hi DrDerek, if he indeed was an officer in the late 30s he would most probably not have lived in the barracks, especially if married with child. I did a bit of random sampling in the Berlin address-books of the mid-thirties. No Hermann Jordan listed I am afraid. Do you know if he died in Berlin? GreyC
  9. Hello Derek, if your grandfather was with the 9th Infanterie Regiment he was an Infanterist not an Ulan. If he served with Reichswehr Kavallerie he couldn´t have been an Ulan either, as the Reichwehr did not distinguish between different branches of the Kavallerie. There was just Kavallerie. They did all, however, have lances till 1927. If he was an Unteroffizier in the mid-twenties he will probably not have been promoted to an officers rank unless he was on an officer´s path from the start. Do you know the first name he was called by? GreyC
  10. Hi there, could the yellow ribbon be the Zentenarmedaille? It is the least "valued" Prussian one, not even featured in the RL, so every medal after that on the bar has to be non-Prussian on a Prussian bar, which they obviously are. GreyC
  11. Hi leigh kitchen and nigelbristow, interesting topic. @ nigelbristow: very nice. Is this the one in "private hands" as mentioned in the text in the photo in #1 or is it a fourth specimen of this now rare breed in GB? GreyC
  12. Hi Larry and Morten, nice photos! Congrats! GreyC
  13. Good mornig, just in case anybody was wandering: ZfE means "Zur freundlichen Erinnerung"= In friendly memory of GreyC
  14. Good evening, glad I could help. GreyC
  15. Solomon, could you please scan the reverse and post it. Maybe i can date it more accurate than just state that it is 2nd half of the 1860s. GreyC
  16. Good morning Gentlemen, after having posted this photo in a German forum to no avail, maybe here are forists who can help identifying these two generals having some soup. One is clearly from the Luftwaffe the other must be a German ally, but of what country and airforce? No other information available on this photo, I am afraid. Thank´s for your help. GreyC
  17. Hi, the photographer was one of the most prominent members of his profession and therefore top address in Cologne at that time. GreyC
  18. Hi Jeff, this migt help further: belge/artisans identifies e f/a fliegenshmidt gb.htm GreyC
  19. Hi walfisch! Have a look here e.g.: GreyC
  20. Good morning, it´s a pleasure. GreyC
  21. Hello, I came across a German document detailing execution procedures for Serbia. This document seems to have gotten into the hands of British intelligence, copied and given to the Russians in 1943. The British "address" was M.I.R.S., The War Office, Victoria Hotel, London. As far as I know this hotel was requisitioned from 1940 on by the War Office to house part of the SOE. So given the nature of the document the M.I.R.S. seems to be an intelligence gathering or producing agency. Can anybody of you tell me what the abbreviation stands for Military Intelligence... something? And what did it do? Thank you, GreyC
  22. Hi Trooper_D, what I could gather in a quick internet search is the following: The MIRS (Military Intelligence Service) was a joint Anglo-American agency with offices in Washington DC and London (Victoria Hotel), founded in May (other sources say January) 1943 under the supervision of Britain´s MI14 (Order of Battle German Forces) and the State´s G-2 (Assistent Chief of Staff). Shortly before the joint landing of British and US forces in North Africa. Its personnel was comprised mainly of German emmigrants to the US, its task was the analysis of captured German documents (150ts until 1945) and the dissemination of the knowledge gained through this. They had field agents who, especially directly after Germany´s surrender, discovered valuble documents in Germany that helped the allies prepare for the Nürnberg trials. GreyC Source e.g.: Germany and the 2nd WW, p. 306; Vol IX/II, Oxford 2014.
  23. Hi Trooper_D, the hotel seems to have been in Northumberland Avenue, London. The document can be found here: I chanced upon it in a different forum. GreyC