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  1. Hi, Martha Stökle 7 Kronen Langenenslingen Hohenzollern So probably the address of a hotel where she was presently lodging or working. GreyC
  2. Hi Chris and all, who apart from SB and mountain troops would be equipped with leather reinforced trousers? GreyC
  3. Hi, this will not be the official name of the ship. It´s a play on words with Kakerlake=cockroach. To me the little I can see it looks like a hulk or a "Wohnschiff" or a ship as floating office. GreyC
  4. I´d politely disagree. No Jastel in the Verlustlisten, WIA or KIA. As christian name highly unlikely. For me still Jakob. GreyC
  5. Hi, would like to see that. Usually Regimentskarten bear the number of the specific regiment which makes them a Regimentskarte in the first place. GreyC
  6. Pleasure! It´s interesting how one design seems to have sold over many years. That speaks either for a popular design or lack of choice for the customers. GreyC
  7. Hi, the first card is a plea for money and/or food to parents and siblings. He lacks both and writes that he is hungry. 2nd card is also about money. The father had sent his son 20 marks for which he thanks him. The rest is about health status of different family members. 3rd card informs addressee that sender got home well and that he has to do a lot of military exercices, apart from that no news. GreyC
  8. Hi Gordon, a pleasure! GreyC
  9. Hi, sender from RIR 207. Writes that he had a difficult time, but is now behind the lines to rest. Will write more if he has more time. GreyC
  10. GreyC

    New additions

    Thank´s, CRBeery. GreyC
  11. I´d second, you, Chris. GreyC
  12. Hi, the Auswärtige Amt (German Foreign ministry) has it´s own archive, there should also be handbooks to look this up in. Why not drop them a line? GreyC
  13. Hi, as the emblem on the lapel and within the wreath on cap is basically identical with the emblem of the Fliegertruppen of WW1 and because many wear the whitish rosetta that looks to me like a batch worn on "veterans get togethers" and because the flag was a gift from "the ladies of the party-committee" it all looks like a veteran´s association of the Fliegertruppen to me (pilot´s badge worn). GreyC
  14. GreyC

    Freikorps? Reichswehr?

    And here are two Prussian policemen from Niederschlesien. GreyC
  15. Hi, German Army? If so in what language should the books be in? GreyC
  16. Hi Ingo, unfortunately Bob Lemke died on 29th August 2017. Best, GreyC
  17. Hi Ingo, unfortunately Bob Lemke died on 29th August 2017. Best, GreyC
  18. Hi, here are two of them with bike (probably a Wanderer) and comrades. GreyC
  19. Hi, here is one more from my collection: a fairly rare photo of a sub-unit of the Kraftfahr-Korps, the bike-riders. They had their own badge, but the "K" on the shoulder-boards like their colleagues on four wheels. GreyC
  20. Hi, have you tried writing to the Landesarchiv in BW? The Kriegsstammrollen still exist. https://www2.landesarchiv-bw.de/ofs21/olf/start.php?bestand=6097 GreyC
  21. GreyC

    Some ‘Death cards’ ww1 era

    As I wrote in #3 of this thread most common in Southern Germany. Not necessarily confined to border areas. GreyC
  22. GreyC

    Some ‘Death cards’ ww1 era

    and, as shown, in Germany. GreyC
  23. GreyC

    Some ‘Death cards’ ww1 era

    For those stricken with a contagious diseases there were spezial Lazarette or wards in large military hospital like this one for the German troops in Poland in Warzaw. Here it is called "Seuchenabteilung". If it were a special hospital on its own the name would be Seuchenlazarett. On the way away from the front you´d have first Sanitätsposten, then Hauptverbandsplatz, Feldlazarett, and already in the Etappe: Kriegslazarett. The Feldlazarett was between 1-3 km behind the lines (roughly) it had operating facilities and could undertake serious operations. GreyC