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  1. EK 1914 awards

    Amazing, thanx man !!!
  2. Enjoy with my collection !!!! First one from Wien ..
  3. And Iron cross for all !

    Hi Chris happy to be here with you again after a long time.. Still hunting EK's !!!!!
  4. And Iron cross for all !

    Hello all my iron friends ! what's up ?
  5. Hello all !! what's up my iron friends ? 

  6. And Iron cross for all !

    Thanx !!
  7. Question about maker marks

    A very difficult challenge I'm sure, but not impossible !!!!!!!!! All for one ! Fkr
  8. Whose Propaganda crosses are these?

    Hello gents ! For me the first one is a spoof iron cross.. Regards Eric
  9. :rolleyes: Hi gents ! Please I need some help with that one ! Can you give me your opinion, lease ? Best regards Fkr
  10. new EKI-"800" stamped at the catch

    :love: Hello Micha ! Thanks for sharing ! It's the first time for me !! I've never seen this mark here !! Great dear Master !! Regards Fkr
  11. EKII "8" (I?)

    :beer: Hello gents ! A nice cross, congrats, but for me the maker mark is an "S" Regards Fkr :ninja:
  12. 1870 Iron cross, need help

    You're right !! Thanks Ekhunter ! Fkr
  13. 1870 Iron cross, need help

    Hello Micha !! Thanks you ! Fkr
  14. 1870 Iron cross, need help

    Thanks Kay ! Another opinion ?? Fkr
  15. 1870 Iron cross, need help

    :rolleyes: And the last one !! Fkr
  16. The simple WW1 EK2...

    Hello iron friends ! That's right Terry ! Congrats, Fkr
  17. Grosskruez 1870 brothers

    :jumping: Thanks Vlad ! Wonderful pics Fkr, :beer:
  18. "Grosskreuz" 1813

    ;) It's Christmas time and Vlad's back !! Welcome home and thanks for sharing your crazy stuff !!! Merry Christmas and happy new year for you in Russia !! Fkr, :beer:
  19. Iron crosses in pole top

    ;) Hello Vlad !! Thanks for sharing these crazy pics !!! Fkr, :speechless:
  20. Merry Christmas for all my iron friends !!!! Eisernes Kreuz Hunting Club

  21. The simple WW1 EK2...

    :cheers: We wish tou a merry Christmas, Fkr, :cat:
  22. The simple WW1 EK2...

    :jumping: Hello gents !! Merry Christmas for all and take care with chocolates !!! Iron regards Fkr, :cheeky:
  23. 1914 ek2 'L W'

    :jumping: Hello gents !! That's right for me it's a LW mark ! Here's one of mine !
  24. Iron Cross - EK I, or What?

    Hello gents !! Well, for me it's !!! Look at this one on eb** ! A second class of course Regards Fkr
  25. The 1914 Eks with blued core

    :beer: Hi gents !! Nice Micha, thanks for sharing. Very interesting,and lovely pics for doc as usual ! Regards Fkr :jumping: