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    any Irish or German military items
  1. Question on Japanese Veterans Badge

    Thanks Paul great info Cheers Gary
  2. Hi would someone plaese be able to tell me why the Japanese Veterans Badge came in two sizes? Cheers Gary
  3. Manchukuo Border Incident War Medal

    Thanks stu hope you are well and yes im a member here also here is the link if anyone is looking for the medal stands http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=37650
  4. my son got a russian Za otvagu medal ( bravery medal ) today the number on the back is 1547166 can anyone tell me what year this maybe from or a site i can look it up for him. thanks Gar
  5. Hi all was just wondering if anyone may know what this cross is? any help would be great cheers Gary
  6. Magnificient ribbon bar

    Nice one thanks for showing
  7. very nice i too have never seen one before