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  1. Gordon, You have been given very good suggestions above. I have one more, though it may not give you a conclusive list. If you can, check the medal rolls of the George VI Coronation Medal.
  2. I checked the 1925 & 1929- both say the same thing, Albert Order with Swords. However, based on the photographic evidence this must be a mistake. Everything else seems to match up.
  3. The Saxon Albert Order was awarded pre-WW1. See below extract from 1914 Prussian Rank List.
  4. David, I could provide some detail of his WW2 service, from the LW Career Summaries. However, there is no Heinrich Buschmann, but there is a Fritz. Could that have been his first name? Kind regards Pierce
  5. I am referring to the 9th ribbon (without swords). I would expect this to be listed in the 1914 Bavarian Rank List, and it is not.
  6. Any record of Pöllmann having the Bavarian Military Merit Order without Swords (pre-war)? It's not listed in the 1914 Rank List.
  7. Gentlemen, Regarding the Romanian Order of the Star Grand Crosses that were awarded during WW2- what is the significance of the crown on top of the breast star? Here are some examples with and without the crown. Maybe it relates to Swords being on the star? Many thanks for any help offered. Pierce
  8. The second medal is the 1934 Honour Cross. The second to last medal is the Jerusalem Cross. The third medal in the photograph (cross) is the Prussian Long Service Cross.
  9. Looks like a nice genuine Godet made bar. Devices and ribbons are good with consistent wear. Precedence of ribbons is also correct for a post Anschluss made bar.
  10. I believe that medal bar belonged to his son, Dr. Hans Georg von Mackensen.
  11. Hi, I just wondered if the Award Rolls are available for the Defence Medal. I had a relative who served in WW1 but not sure if he played any part in WW2. He would have been in his later 50s into early 60s at the time of WW2. Any help with this query would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Pierce
  12. Peter, Thank you for your reply. Were veterans entitled to such medals or the various jubilee medals, or had you to be serving at the time of issue? Many thanks Pierce
  13. Dear Friends, A collector in the US has sent me this document in the hope of finding out about more about what it says. It relates to a Kriegsmarine engineer who has transferred back to civilian service with the Reichsbahn. I believe it mentions him being confined to barracks for 3 days (Stubenarrest?). Does it state the reason? Any help that can be offered with this would be appreciated. Many thanks Pierce
  14. P.F.

    Unknown Chinese Medal

    Many thanks. Your help is appreciated. I assume this is the Junior grade, 1st class?
  15. P.F.

    Unknown Chinese Medal

    I would appreciate some help with obtaining the name of this medal, and what ribbon goes with it. Thank you Pierce
  16. I would not rule out the 5th ribbon being for the Turkish Liakat Medal. It has a red stripe on the edge of the ribbon, which the Bavarian Jubilee Medal does not. It is more clear to be seen on the reverse of the bar.
  17. The Chilean ribbon is correct for this time period. Kind regards Pierce
  18. Is this him- Oberst a.D. (Honour Rank List 1926)? What was his firs name?
  19. Can we see the rest of the ribbon bar? Can you date it to the time period you describe?
  20. Hi, I write to ask for some information on the Romanian Honour Cross of the Order of Merit. I can find very little online. 1. Was this Order given during period 1930-1945? 2. Was it awarded to foreign military personnel (German)? 3. Could someone please post a photo of the Grand Cross during this period? Many thanks Pierce
  21. P.F.

    Japanese Marine Officer?

    Thank you Nick.