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  1. Albania- Wied era medals

    Hi All, Another super rare case of the Albanian Order of the Black Eagle "in action" !!! Aqif pasha Bicaku of Elbasani, in 1916 with the grand officer star and badge of the Order. More over, besides the Order, he also has the Medal of Princes Arrival in Durres. Regards, Artan

    Hi, Bob, congratulations for your finds. To complete your albanian pieces, I am showing you my pieces. Regards, Artan Those are the GLA distinctives with letters in Italian and Albanian, each of them in two types of clips. Those are the distinctives of the Albanian Fascist Party. This is the badge of the PFSH. Those ate 4 different types of the arm badge of the Albanian Fascist Militia. 1. In felt. 2. In stamped silvered thick tin. 3. In bachelite. 4. In stamped thin tin.
  3. Chip, Bayern, Thanks for your contribute. Here is the belt and the sword know of Heaton-Armstrong, who were gifted to the National Museum of Tirana from his daughter. As you know he was a Price Wied officer. You can see that his sword knot has black and red colors. So, do you think the Heaton-Armstrong used an Wurttembergian sword knot, or was it made red and black specifically for Albania? Regards, Artan
  4. Hi to all, I find this sword knot. Can any one help me, if it is german, for what regiment? Regards, Artan
  5. Dear all, This is the Partisan Star III class, first type (Mondvor). A. Untitled-15.tif
  6. Artan; 

    I am an Ottoman Medals collector.. I would be interested to buy your Ottoman medals if you are not specially collecting them.  Specially the Hirfet and sanayi medal. 

    As this is a rare medal I can pay top payment for that special medal.

    Best Regards;

    Ertugrul Kasaci  

    Dr. Engineer


    Dear all, Last my arrive is this ottoman flag pole. Can anyone help me to the dating it? Regards, A.
  8. This is the new complete table of the variants of SKANDERBEG order. A.
  9. Hi all, A super rare piece. A Scanderbeg order, II class, silver , IKOM, numbered (181). This variant also miss in my book (ALBANIAN MEDALS II) !!! Regards, A.

    Dear Avsaribar, I agree, they aren't medals elements, but I think they are military pieces. Regards, Artan
  11. OTTOMAN BADGE (?!)

    Any idea?!

    Any idea?!

    Dear all, This is the last piece I find in Albania. Reading the very interesting OTTOMAN UNIFORMS of Chris Flaherty, I think is an rank insignia of an colonel of Ottoman Army of the period of Crimean War. Am I wrong? Any other idea? Regards, A.
  14. OTTOMAN BADGE (?!)

    Dear all, Can anyone identify this (perhaps) ottoman badge. It is in aluminium 6,7x4,6 cm. Thanks, Artan
  15. Pershendetje z.Artan.

    Sa kushton klasi i Pare dhe i Trete i kesaj serie?