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  1. Well, no replies yet. Managed to get some further info on a note included when the medal arrived: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hastings_Russell,_12th_Duke_of_Bedford Pretty interesting info. Dan
  2. Hi all. I managed to win said 1911 King George V Medal, privately named to Sir William Fleming Russell Kt. I wondered if anyone might be able to provide me with any information on Sir William? I believe I found a couple of pictures of him (by Bassano Ltd.) and a small amount of information (1851-1925) President of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. Hoping some of our members might be able to provide more information on him. Many thanks in advance! Dan
  3. Have always wanted one of these and finally found one. I saw one in one of my references a good while back and thought it was really cool how the triangle fold meant it was from a soldier. I read somewhere years ago that there were a ton of these that had never been sent home as they were from units that were wiped out and that it would be considered bad for home front morale if they were delivered. They were discovered in the late 80's or early 90's if I remember correctly. I'll provide better scans when I have it in hand. Hoping someone will be able to provide more info on what it says.
  4. Hauptmann

    Soviet fieldpost letter

    Many thanks for the additional info. It may take me a bit as the den has a ton of extra stuff in it right now and I'll have to dig around to find it... but soon as I can I'll be happy to do good scans (originals were pics the seller took) and can either post or can send them over to you... whatever is best. God bless, Dan
  5. Hi all. I managed to acquire a Major General's daily uniform from a friend. Common type but worked a very good deal and would like to dress it up a bit for display on a torso dummy. Am thinking perhaps one HSU, a good sized ribbon bar, an academy badge or two and possibly a Soviet Officer's Association lapel pin. Here's the possibilities I have to work with: First the tunic in question: Most of my academy graduation badges are here: Some of my ribbon bars... thinking one of the top three: Officer's Association pin: Here's one I found on the web that's rather like what I'm hoping to do: Although would two of my graduation badges work on this (assuming any of the ones I have would be proper for this rank)? I don't know of anything else that would be appropriate for this uniform and rank but if anyone knows different please let me know. Also, keep in mind that I have no intention of selling this but if I should I would remove the items I add as I would not want them to be considered original to the tunic. This is simply for my own display. Many thanks in advance. Dan
  6. Hi all. Posted this down in the firearms section... lots of looks but no replies. Hoping perhaps someone in this section might be able to help. Would like help re: a unit ID and any info on same, if possible re: the unit marking on one of my artillery Lugers. Many thanks in advance for any info. God bless, Dan
  7. Thanks Richie. Was hoping someone would jump in. I'm not familiar with many individual German units from WW1 so need any help I can get on this one. So far it's the only firearm I have which is specifically unit marked. So would love to learn all I can about it's history and the history of the unit to which it belonged. God bless, Dan
  8. Hi all. Could use some help if possible. Have this unit marking on an Artillery Luger. Would deeply appreciate any info, etc. Mucho thanks!!!! God bless, Dan
  9. Hi all, I managed to obtain an original set of grips for a Luger P08 which appear to have had an HJ diamond on one of the grips. Looks like the type used on the HJ daggers/knives that have the prongs on the back. I wondered if anyone might, by any slim chance have one of these they'd be willing to part with? If so, please message me and hopefully we can work something out. The brass base measures 22.92 mm x 12.27 mm which is as close as I can get using my cheap Chinese digital callipers. LOL! Hoping it's close enough. Here are the grips:
  10. Many thanks! I'll stay in a holding pattern and keep my fingers tightly crossed.
  11. Hi all, Am part Turkish and have always wanted to get a few Turkish (Ottoman) Orders but generally they're way out of my range. Am eyeing one but I know there are a ton of fakes out there and I know enough to be almost dangerous when it comes to this area. Would deeply appreciate any help anyone can give re: good or bad and if possible roughly (assuming good) what a decent price would be. Here's the pics... fingers crossed. Many thanks! Dan
  12. Hauptmann

    Order of Medjidie... good one or bad one?

    Well, that seems to be two thumbs down so think I'll skip this on. DEEPLY appreciate the input guy! :-) Many thanks! Dan
  13. Hi all, Found this shot on the web... no idea who to credit it to. But couldn't resist as it not only shows his Order of Kutuzov but also one I didn't previously know he'd gotten... a Soviet Guards Badge. I searched for about two hours last night and could not find another shot of him wearing these awards. Knowing how he felt about the Soviets I'd not be surprised if he promptly packed them away and never wore them or even looked at them again. You can see what I believe is the Order of Kutuzov just to the left of the Guards Badge. If anyone has additional pics of him wearing either or both of these please post as I'd love to see them. Thanks, Dan
  14. Hauptmann

    Honored Railwayworker Badge

    Hi all. I've finally managed to obtain the final Excellent Railway Badge (Signalman) to finish my set. However, this last one does not have the screw nut. I wondered if any of you might by chance happen to have a spare that you'd be willing to part with? If so, please let me know and hopefully we can work something out. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Once I have this last one in hand I'll do pics of it as well as the entire set and post them. Many thanks! God bless, Dan
  15. Hauptmann

    1914 weiderholingsspange

    Come on guys... I don't have near the knowledge on these but I'm sure some of our members do. Can someone chime in here one way or the other? Nick is on pins and needles to know if this one is good or not. Please help out if you can. Thanks! Dan
  16. Hauptmann

    CHEMULPO 1904 Medal

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone can tell me it this one is good or bad? I suspect the ribbon is incorrect and probably the kolodka as well but more concerned about the medal itself. Many thanks in advance! Dan
  17. Hauptmann

    Virgin's Cross

    So glad you finally got one big guy!!!! She's a beaut!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to see her in person!
  18. Hi all. I have a close friend... she's like my older sister, who also collects and who made a purchase on Ebay last night while I was incommunicado at work. Hoping this is okay... it's the link to the auction which has ended. http://www.ebay.com/itm/German-WW-I-medal-original-big-knight-cross-steel-core-800-marker-1914-org-case-/142454337796?hash=item212af0b104%3Ag%3AGXEAAOSw5gxZdH~I&nma=true&si=HvCaykmTQ35HzjEVhxEYPNQe1Ho%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 First off, need, if possible, to know if this is indeed an original, ie: one made during either WW1 or WW2 for display in museums/shops or if it's simply a more modern copy? Secondly, if so, is it worth what she paid or thereabouts? The listing states in the title that it's cased and is a Godet, yet no pics were provided of the case. She's written to request same. After the auction ended she discovered a previous auction where the same seller sold a cased example which went for less: http://www.ebay.com/itm/German-WW-I-medal-original-big-knight-cross-steel-core-800-marker-1914-org-case-/142418393975?nma=true&si=HvCaykmTQ35HzjEVhxEYPNQe1Ho%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 This made her more than a bit nervous and she wishes she'd thought to look before bidding. Hoping all is okay but felt best to post here and let the experts take a crack at it. I do not want to see her get taken and would prefer to try to find out what's what before the item is shipped. She sadly paid right after the auction but hoping if it's not a good one then we can get it worked out before shipment and get her money refunded. She paid via Paypal so has the coverage from them and Ebay but hoping against hope we don't have to go that route. However, if it's a period piece used for display purposes at the time then I'd be okay with it as I know awarded examples are pretty much impossible to obtain and would cost a mint. If she even went just a bit high then that's still okay as we all do that from time to time with pieces we really really want. Hoping I can get some help/opinions on this and save the day if it needs saving. Many thanks in advance! God bless, Dan
  19. Hi all. First time I've had any spare moments to get on here in quite a while. As it is I'm now heading out the door again in about 30 minutes to head to Fargo for the day. VERY cold! Not looking forward to it. Anyhow, have this flag... thinking it's for a car... not sure. Measures 18x12 inches... could be for a boat too I guess... just not sure. Don't have it in hand yet so no idea if there are any markings on the fly but once I have it I'll post any I find. Closest thing I could find online is the flag for the Foreign Service... but it's just the blue field and stars... no eagle in the center. Possibly a U.S. Diplomats flag? I'll keep checking as I have time but hoping perhaps one of our members might recognize it. Any help, information, etc., would be, as always, deeply appreciated! God bless, Dan
  20. Hi Thom. Sorry but not ready to part with it. If I ever decide to I'll definitely get in touch if possible. Thanks! Dan
  21. Hi all. Hoping for some help on this one. So many fakes out there. The core is iron... magnet sticks to it. Pics not the greatest but all I have at the moment. Any help deeply appreciated! Many thanks! Dan
  22. Hi all. I acquired this recently as a replica, but on arrival I'm not so sure. It's hollow with the back plate. Very good workmanship. I have an original early type silver WB made the same way. Rather light weight and solid construction. I don't believe these hollow/solid backs were all that common, plus they require that much more effort to product. Can't believe fakers would go to the trouble to not only do it but do it right. Anyhow, I welcome opinions. The pics are the only ones I have right now but I can do some scans if required. Many thanks in advance, Dan
  23. Hauptmann

    Is this Japanese?

    With the chrysanthemum I'm thinking Japanese... but for the life of me after searching on the next for the last few hours I cannot find anything similar to confirm it. Hoping one of our members can help. Possibly police or ? if not military? If someone knows what rank is it for? Many thanks! Dan
  24. Hauptmann

    Is this Japanese?

    My deepest thanks Hugh! I sure hope one of our members can help me solve it. It's been driving me nuts! I hate it when I can't research and find things on my own and this one has me totally stumped! I definitely agree it has that post war Asian army feel to it in my mind. I thought about South Korea, Taiwan, Japan... can't find any matches to save my life! Will keep pacing in the trench and hope someone comes up with it. If I figure it out I'll definitely post as well. Thanks again! God bless, Dan
  25. Hi all, I need to put out a request for a photo or photos (with permission to use in a personal display) of Bruno Dilley (Luftwaffe Stuka Ace and RK with Oakleaves holder), especially any in color. Any such pics would be deeply appreciated. I've found a few on the web but many were marked. Again I would like to use same in a personal display at home. Many thanks! Dan