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  1. Thank you all for your interesting replies. Jean-Sam.
  2. Hello I have two original ribbons: -> 8,5cm long x 3,5cm wide, rather tatty though... but better than nothing if desperately needed; -> two-piece ribbon, originally twisted in the typical Bavarian fashion and ready for mounting on an 3,0cm large "Ordensspange". If that helps...
  3. I have seen the following badge for sale, lately. But... Original... or Copy...?
  4. Hello Nigel, I have just seen a 97th Foot glengarry OR's badge for sale on Steven Bosley's e-shop. It is listed at GB£ 95.00. It's worth a try. (see: http://www.buywyze.com/viewphoto.php?shoph=1021594&phqu=2) Best regards, Jean-Sam.
  5. Thank you very much for the advice!
  6. In the mean-time I managed to find the ribbon. ... but am still looking for two 4.5cm Whitehead & Hoag Co slot brooches...
  7. I'd be quite happy to buy both. Just let me know the global amount due, including postage to Switzerland (+ extra charges if using PayPal).
  8. Good evening Gentlemen, Does anybody know where (or if) it is possible to buy (or who is likely to sell) vintage WW1: -> ca 4.5cm wide plain red US ribbons, -> ca 4.5cm Whitehead & Hoag Co slot brooches? Thank you in advance, All the best. Jean-Sam.
  9. Good evening Gentlemen, Does anybody have any idea to what this Italian medal or badge refers to? Thank you in advance for your information. All the best. Jean-Sam.
  10. Good evening Gentlemen, Does anybody know the exact dimensions of the Lithuanian Independance 1918-1928 medal yellow and black striped ribbon (full width + dimension of the black stripes and how far from each edge)? It looks very much like the ''Württemberg Verdienst-Medaille'' ribbon, but is it similar? Thank you in advance, Jean-S. Karlen.
  11. I got almost all my helmet plates from Steven Bosley (see: http://www.bosleys.co.uk/). Why not getting in touch with him, he might have something for you or know someone who has... All the best, Jean-Sam.
  12. Sorry to have you kept waiting. The quality of the photos is rather poor, owing to the fact that both plates are framed and sealed behind a glass. Best regards, Jean-Sam.
  13. Very nice display! The breast plates look fab! Should you have some frontal close-ups....
  14. Hello Lambert, Nice to "see you" on this US WWI State service medals topic. You are right; OMSA should have an appropriate bank of ribbons. It's worth a try. All the best, Jean-Sam.
  15. Hi Tim, Thanks for the clue. In the mean-time, I have found a US ribbon retailer while browsing on the net. The following link could therefore be handy in this matter : http://www.frontiernet.net/~ericbush/index.html All the best, Jean-Sam.