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  1. Swiss Military Medals?

    If you want to know ALL about the current insignias (medals included) of the Swiss Armed Forces, see the following link: http://www.armee.ch/abzeichen or order the "Reglement 51.009/III dfie" (issued in German, French, Italian and English) at the following address: Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics FBL; 3003 Bern; Switzerland. RE the medals: ONLY the ribbon bars are worn on the uniform, NOT the medals (officially called "mission insignias"). The medals are only issued to servicemen as a commemorative token, to be displayed on their mantleshelf or kept in a drawer. Please note that OFFICIAL orders, distinctions and medals (such as the French Legion d'honneur, etc.) CAN be worn by Swiss officials (such as an ambassador, for instance) PROVIDED they get a special authorization from the Federal Counsel (Government), although NOT on uniforms. Also note that the Pope's Swiss Guards do receive Vatican medals and wear them on their rather colourful uniform, even on such occasions as the visit of the Pope in Switzerland or other Catholic celebrations.
  2. Unknown WW1 US medal

    Thank you both for your comments & infos. All the best.
  3. Hello Gentlemen, I have recently seen the following and rather attractive US medal. It looks like a WW1 commemorative medal, but I do not know which organization issued it (US Army...? A veterans' association...?) and when. What about the ribbon and it's mounting brooch? Any idea? Should anybody know, his comments would be most welcome. All the best. Jean-S. Karlen
  4. Thank you all for your interesting replies. Jean-Sam.
  5. Hello I have two original ribbons: -> 8,5cm long x 3,5cm wide, rather tatty though... but better than nothing if desperately needed; -> two-piece ribbon, originally twisted in the typical Bavarian fashion and ready for mounting on an 3,0cm large "Ordensspange". If that helps...
  6. I have seen the following badge for sale, lately. But... Original... or Copy...?
  7. Hello Nigel, I have just seen a 97th Foot glengarry OR's badge for sale on Steven Bosley's e-shop. It is listed at GB£ 95.00. It's worth a try. (see: http://www.buywyze.com/viewphoto.php?shoph=1021594&phqu=2) Best regards, Jean-Sam.
  8. Thank you very much for the advice!
  9. In the mean-time I managed to find the ribbon. ... but am still looking for two 4.5cm Whitehead & Hoag Co slot brooches...
  10. I'd be quite happy to buy both. Just let me know the global amount due, including postage to Switzerland (+ extra charges if using PayPal).
  11. Good evening Gentlemen, Does anybody know where (or if) it is possible to buy (or who is likely to sell) vintage WW1: -> ca 4.5cm wide plain red US ribbons, -> ca 4.5cm Whitehead & Hoag Co slot brooches? Thank you in advance, All the best. Jean-Sam.
  12. Good evening Gentlemen, Does anybody have any idea to what this Italian medal or badge refers to? Thank you in advance for your information. All the best. Jean-Sam.
  13. Good evening Gentlemen, Does anybody know the exact dimensions of the Lithuanian Independance 1918-1928 medal yellow and black striped ribbon (full width + dimension of the black stripes and how far from each edge)? It looks very much like the ''Württemberg Verdienst-Medaille'' ribbon, but is it similar? Thank you in advance, Jean-S. Karlen.
  14. I got almost all my helmet plates from Steven Bosley (see: http://www.bosleys.co.uk/). Why not getting in touch with him, he might have something for you or know someone who has... All the best, Jean-Sam.
  15. Sorry to have you kept waiting. The quality of the photos is rather poor, owing to the fact that both plates are framed and sealed behind a glass. Best regards, Jean-Sam.