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  1. Interesting article. But quite frankly there are many examples in both world wars where men should have received some recognition for their acts of bravery and never did for various reasons. Of course it easy to look at things from a different perspective in modern times and I have no doubt the fact he was black would have made some difference, as would have been the case if he didn't come from the right school or right background. But we should not assume that the colour of his skin was the only reason. I have read of acts which were beyond the pale in terms of courage which never were con
  2. It looks like a wild goose chase to me, a myth with no evidence to support the claim other than some fading memories....
  3. Is it going to be available in English ? I take it is going to be released imminently ?
  4. A long time bone of contention at GMIC has been image upload restrictions. However I am pleased to announce that from today I have introduced a new standard across all membership levels. Basically (dependent on the speed of your internet connection) all membership levels (apart from Basic members) will be able to upload images up to approx 8 to 10MB in size which is massive ! Basic members will be restricted to 2MB which is still a pretty impressive size. Images will be automatically resized, but it should not impact on the quality of the image too dramatically. This in essence means that for
  5. I have looked into stocking ribbon for a ribbon bank at GMIC not just for British Medals, but which would include sourced original as well as reproduction. I have previously spoken with several manufacturers about this including Toyne Kenning and Spence, but I never took it forward as I didn't want a lot of expense for few sales. If it is something that is a demand I can chase things up again out of interest.
  6. Steve Paul is right please post some images, as without them it is impossible to assess what you have got, and it would be nice to see some Olympic medals.
  7. Mike They are not officially permitted to be worn on Queen's uniform Military or Police. The official designation is 'ribbons' which is cloth material not enamelled metal. I personally dislike them as it encourages individuals to attach them to articles of uniform which are non regulation for the wearing of ribbons. i.e. I have seen police walking the streets wearing them on uniform jumpers which are non regulation items for the wearing of ribbons. I can understand some of the frustrations though as todays military and even more so the police, rarely get to wear tunics, so the opportunity
  8. Unfortunately (perhaps some would argue rightly so) people always seem suspicious of good intentions. The internet is always decreed as a foreboding place for the unwary and although there are a lot of charlatans they are the minority with the majority of folk being honest and open.
  9. There are now lots of modern enamelled British Ribbon bars especially with the Queens Diamond, Golden Jubilee medals, and long service awards, seems especially prevalent with the Police & Fire Service (look at ebay.uk). They are unofficial and not authorised for wear on uniforms, but with the demise of Tunics and No1 dress I can see why they are worn. But I do not particularly like them. I would guess that like todays modern versions they are unofficial items which were worn on civilian dress. As to whether they go as far back as Victorian times it would interesting to see.
  10. It is difficult to see from photographs but one of two things is happening here. Either as you say the white metal has been painted with a gold type paint which has only been done superficially to the exposed parts or the reverse has happened and through the application of polish the base metal (which is brass) has been exposed by polishing off the white metal which was originally plated on to the brass. If it is the former i.e. gold paint on to white metal then in theory you could strip it off, but it is likely to cause damage to the helmet surface unless it is done very painstakingly an
  11. I always have found these non portable German awards to be very interesting items both in design and quality. I have had a few of these from the Weimar Period onwards. They are often underrated pieces.
  12. I think you will find Pun is a common Gurkha name.
  13. Really nice work thanks for showing your efforts.
  14. The sharp eyed amongst you would have noticed that a few forums have disappeared. Just to let you know that over the last few weeks and in the weeks ahead myself and the hard working volunteers that keep this forum running, have been/will be moving posts around and decommissioning several forums. No topics other than a few totally empty or worthless topics have been deleted and over the coming weeks they will all be integrated into the restructured forums. I want GMIC to be a lot easier to navigate to stop some of the confusion of the past as to where is the best place to post new topics. To
  15. Cheers Micha Thought it was Ok just needed some reassurance as not really my collecting area.
  16. I am endeavouring to re organise this section by better use of tags and prefixes. Therefore I am organising prefixes to include some of the larger organisations and using tags to identify whether they are tinnies or badges. Please try and use the most appropriate prefix and tag when posting and if you feel that a tag or prefix is missing please post here in this topic.
  17. Frank Very nice presentation case, binder and I really like the lapel pin, is there any criteria for when the lapel pin is worn . What was the criteria for the Canadian Medal? The British medal came in a small box and was given out to all those with 5 years military (or police or other emergency services) service or more. It came in a small box with no certificate or lapel pin.
  18. Cheers John Not normally my collecting field. But I had a look at this last week as part of a collection being sold. I am sorely tempted....
  19. Slight bend to arm hence kink. I don't like this cross but any thoughts appreciated.
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