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  1. Hello, here is for example one wearer of the MEZ1. His name was Max Hitz and he received his decorations for his actions in German-Southwestafrica 1904-1908 Hope to see some other nice photos of MEZ1-wearers. Best wishes Karsten
  2. Hello, unfortunately I do not know for what he received his MEZ1. I know only that he served later in the Wehrmacht. I will posts the 2 other photos later. Best wishes Karsten
  3. Hello Chris, only one but in my opinion an interesting one Vzfw. Müller received his MEZ 1 in 1913 (AKO 11th June 1913). His EK2 should be also a colonial award, because Vzfw. Müller served also in GEA during the World War. Best wishes Karsten
  4. There were also a few AEZ (Allg. Ehrenzeichen (Prussia)) with the black/white ribbon. Best wishes Karsten
  5. It took some time but.... ...here it is: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/13494-the-ultimate-colonial-award-document-south-west-africa/?hl=militaria0815#entry140883 Best wishes Karsten
  6. Nice photos Here is a high decorated Peking-Veteran. He is wearing at the end of his medal bar the golden russian "Kriegsverdienstmedaille". Best wishes Karsten
  7. E.M. = Centenary medal and Südwestafrika-Denkmünze aus Bronze Karl Riegel received the MEZ2 AKO 20th March 1906 as a Unteroffizier der Landwehr 1 Riegel came at the end of 19th century (so between 1897 1899) to GSWA and served there as a railway official. In 1914 (12th or 13th May 1914) "Bahnhofsverwalter" Riegel received vacation and left GSWA on one of these days (12th or 13th May 1914). So the WW1 stopped his return to GSWA. Best wishes Karsten
  8. I also did not understand that. As you know, it was normally that a veterinarian serves in the back area and does not take part on campaigns. But there were always exceptions and one of them was Stabsveterinär Paul Tuche. Please follow the Link: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/59827-oberstabsveterinaer-ad-paul-tuche/ Best wishes Karsten
  9. Hello, today I like to show this nice photo of Oberstabsveterinär aD Paul Tuche. In my opinion it´s an interesting photo because it´s unusual to research the reason of an award. Here some infos: 15th May 1905: joined the Schutztruppe for GSWA 25th November 1907: Award of the KO4x 18th December 1912: left the Schutztruppe and joined to the Feldartillerie-Regt. Prinzregent Luitpold von Bayern (Magdeburgischen) Nr.4 Since 1914: Landwehr 2. Aufgebotes im Landwehrbezirk Magdeburg And here is the reason for the award of the KO4x (I hope I translated well ) : At the end of Sep
  10. Wow thanks a lot Andy Incredible your research-work and thanks a lot for that. I did not expect that the award of the tunisian decoration was for writing a book. Thanks a lot to all of you for your help. Best wishes Karsten
  11. Very curious... ...hope it´s still possible to find out something more about him, especially about his tunesian award. It would be interesting to know for what he got his tunesian award because as he joined the "Schutzttruppe", he already had the tunesian decoration. Best wishes Karsten
  12. Hello Claudius, some veterinarians came in contact with the enemy. I will post soon the interesting history of Stabsveterinär aD Paul Tuche =) Hello Dave, thanks a lot for those infos and the correction of the award-date. Best wihes Karsten
  13. Hello members, I think it could be interesting for you to see the only pre-war-award of BrH4x. The recipient was Oberveterinär Wilhelm Bertram. He served form 1905-1908 in German-Southwestafrica and was member of the "2. Ersatzbatterie" of the "II. Feld-Artillerie-Abteilung". In 1907 he received the following decorations: DSWA-Denkm. KO4Xw BrH4x (the only pre-war-award!) In 1914 is Bertram listed as a "Veterinäroffizier der Reserve" in "Landwehrbezirk Sangerhausen". Best wishes Karsten
  14. mhmm.... ...Maybe this info from the DKB (Deutsches Kolonialblatt) Volume 1892 is a little bit helpful? Best wishes Karsten
  15. Hello, after posting some photos, I wish to post this nice and rare certificate to the governor of German-New-Guinea!! Rudolf von Bennigsen was the first governor of German-New-Guinea. Von Bennigsen served also in German-Eastafrica (as a financial director) and introduced the so-called "Hüttensteuer" in 1897. In German-Eastafrica he was also the deputy of the governor. In 1901 ended his career as a governor. May be he received the RAO3mSchl for his adoption? Here is a nice link of Rudolf von Bennigsen. Unfortunately only in german: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_von_Benni
  16. Hello and thanks a lot for the infos Interesting to see that he left the military for starting a medical career. It would be nice to experience anything about his tunesian award. Thanks again. Best wishes Karsten
  17. Hello Forums member, today I like to show you this nice photo of Premier-Lieutenant Albert Freiherr von Schrenck von Notzing. He served in the Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 34 until 10th. december 1891. From that date until 24th. August 1896, he served in the 4th company of the kaiserliche Schutztruppe for German-Eastafrica. He took part on the battle of Moschi/ Kilimandjaro (12th.august 1893) and received for his participation on that battle the KO4x As we can see, he also received the following decorations of Tunesia and Zanzibar (!!): TNJft3 ZstSt2c Did Premier-Lieutenant A
  18. Hello, in my ex-collection I found this nice photo of Ludolf Frhr. von Uslar-Gleichen. Best wishes Karsten
  19. Hello Sascha, thanks a lot for your input. Especially for your corrections.You see it again and again... ...both sources are wrong I need primary sources. Thanks again Karsten
  20. Sorry, sorry for my mistake. You´re right those men received the silberne Karl Friedrich-Militärverdienstmedaille. So I was not well-rested this morning. Sorry for that. Best wishes Karsten
  21. No, the most were for 1908 and three for 1910 There are also 15 who received their "badener" in 1905: Feldwebel Zydek Feldwebel Mayer Unteroffizier Luppke Unteroffizier Kupper Unteroffizier Benz Unteroffizier/ Trompeter Ockert Gefreiter Schaub Gefreiter Schüßler Gefreiter Wäldin Gefreiter Apfelbacher Gefreiter Birsner Reiter Kaltenbach Reiter Löffler Reiter Sutter Reiter Liebe I couldn´t also find no award in 1904 Best wishes Karsten
  22. That´s true. But I have never seen any medal bar or photo with a "Friedrich II Version" by now. For example Hans Bruckner. He received his MEZ2 in 1907 (AKO 25th. november 1907). So from experience he should have received his "badener" award in 1908 or 1909. Unfortunately is the quality not so good but in my opinion he´s wearing the "Friedrich I -Version". All colonial bars with baden connection which I have seen shows the "Friedrich I -Version". So I´m not sure if there were awarded some "badener" with the "Friedrich II - Version" for GSWA ?? Maybe someone can prove the opposite? By
  23. Excellent medal bar Thanks for showing it. Here they are Intendanturdiätar Rayß Unterzahlmeister Gressenich Unterzahlmeister Miehe Unterzahlmeister Hahn Wachtmeister Leis Vizewachtmeister Spieske Unteroffizier Bock Unteroffizier Rappenecker Gefreiter Beer Gefreiter Zuber Magazinaufseher Kraemer Feldbäcker Keck Unteroffizier Staudinger Unteroffizier Binder And in 1910 were also 3 awards for GSWA 1910 Magazinaufseher Deichelbohrer Gefreiter Jegle Gefreiter Ihle Best wishes Karsten
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