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  1. Yes, you are right, can we consider them for diplomatic purposes !? He is not a civilian...
  2. Hi guys, not only Japanese and "Chinese" orders & medals! Yamamoto and Tojo wear an insigna of a Knight Gran Cross of the Crown ( Kingdom of Italy) and Orders of the German Eagle. In your post # 70 he wears a Romanian Order of the Crown... without swords!!! He is not a civilian ...awarded for diplomatic purposes?! Aurora
  3. Dear "Moscovian" friend, we deserve more than your gratitude... you could start to ship one of these cheap medals to me... A pleasure to meet you here... Aurora
  4. Hi Gordon, thank you very much for your help. Best regards, Aurora
  5. Can you post here a close-up about these medals? (obverse and reverse).
  6. Hi everyone, I have this badge (?) and I'd like to have more info about it. Hope in your help. Best regards, Aurora
  7. I agree with Dieter3 and Richard. Fukuoka has no complaints and I assume his buyer is happy. Gunjinantiques is happy and he told us his buyer is happy. I don't see the problem. Fukuoka and Gunjinantiques, you are 2 well-known and reputable dealers, why do you want to offer this poor show? I am a new member but I think you were good friends. Please stop this useless war.
  8. I would like to start with my apologies. I have no the right to interrupt this duel but I would express some thoughts. Why have we to decide who is the best dealer? My grandfather usually told me:"Remember, if it is yellow it is not necessarily gold... and remember again, the only friend you have is in your wallet..." When I graduated summa cum laude in Economics my professor ( he also worked as adviser for our Central Bank) said me these words:" You have to learn this important lesson, the word 'economy' doesn't mean science..." I didn't understand those words... but I think I have learned
  9. Japanese awards were/are minted with care. Groups are wonderful but they are not able to give me the same feelings I have with Soviet ones. Researches are amazing. I have seen your other topic ( "Four Fours"). As usual I have "bad questions"... but I think I need them to focus on my passion. I am not off-topic. I am only trying to explain my thoughts. You can do with Japanese awards what you can do with Soviet ones (without serial numbers). If I buy a booklet with 4 BM (all unnumbered) I can add 4 medals and I will have a group (yes, it is very rare to see a booklet with 4 BM without serial nu
  10. I am reading these wonderful posts. An excellent topic. As you know guys Japanese orders and medals are not like Soviet ones. Nick is an expert and his deductions suggest to me there is no way to certify some awards as a "group". All is based on our "sensibility" ( to be more precise on Nick' sensibility and deductions). If I am right I can conclude there isn't a "unique price" because you can't verify if all awards were awarded to the same person. You can only sum their "separated prices". I can have 6/7/8/9 documents issued for the same person but I will always have the same problem. How c
  11. George, It could be possible (strange but possible). Their disposition is wrong. Red-white-green ribbon is for "The Colonial Order of the Star of Italy ( knight ) and it should be the first from left to right.Hope this helps.
  12. Chris, thank you very much for your help. Best regards, Aurora
  13. Diameter: 57 mm horizontal pinback (could anyone tell me how insert a picture in this post?) :banger:
  14. Hi everyone, I need your help to identify this Arab badge. Thanks in advance.
  15. I have to find my rare variation with epoxide resin... :shame:
  16. Hi JapanX, thank you for your help and your beautiful photos (beautiful photos.... I can't say the same for this item...) :D
  17. Thank you very much for your help. JapanX, please post them. Aurora
  18. Your item is not a souvenir. It is an unofficial medal. It was a very common praxis but you do not think your item is common. Italian silversmiths minted a lot of medals ( for colonial battalions, submariners, infantry regiments, etc...) . They minted a lot of different medals but all in few quantities. Some medals were recognized and others were simply tolerated. Some colonial battalion medals are very expensive and there is a real psychosis about them. You can find the same medal made of bronze or silver ( sometimes in gold). Silver medals/badges were usually minted for officers. Soldiers
  19. Hi Tsend, I am confused so I have a question for you. I do not find the foreign version of the "Medal for the 25th Year Anniversary of the MPR" in your book. Herfurth and Sonnenberg show it but I do not find that medal in Battushig too. Could you help me please? Aurora
  20. Hi everyone, This is my first post. I'd like to help you. 11 FI is the hallmark used to identify Barlacchi ( later Picchiani and Barlacchi), a well-know Italian silversmith. Your medal was made between 1935 and 1944. Aurora
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