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  1. The pin looks like it,s off a plastic or porcelain tinny, not original to that badge. I don,t know if it,s a good one or not, but leaning towards it being a good one if that makes sense. Probably quite rare as well. Regards Mametz Come on Pete stop sitting on the fence!
  2. I am with Pete on this one i think it,s fake, these appeared a few years ago, and i never liked the look of them. I have seen them on a dark cloth background they don,t look good to me. Regards Mametz
  3. Just looking at the pics of your badge and got the one i have out, saw something in your photo that i never noticed before. There is a makers mark on it, on the one i have it,s very faint but looking with a magnifying glass, it,s Karl Wurster Markneukirchen. You learn something every day! i think the one you have is a good one Regards Mametz
  4. Nice one Pete, not seen that one before did you get it at the international on Sunday? I did,nt make it hangover. Any nice stuff there i have been lucky in the past and found some good pieces at that show. Regards Mametz
  5. Some nice ones there Pete, the price of tin is going up it,s hard to find a bargain now.God you must be realy realy old i bet you can remember people like Edgar Broughton and Roy Harper! Regards Mametz
  6. Very unusual never seen one like that before i think it could be wright. Mametz
  7. Great job Don much appreciated, GMIC best forum for tinnie collectors bar none Regards Mametz
  8. You need better pic,s has it got a scabbard? Also it looks like there are no makers marks on the blade. If it hasn,t got a scabbard , i would leave it alone and look for a complete one Regards Mametz
  9. Nice tinnies gents, the 1938 Hamburg one posted by Brooks is not really a tinnie. It,s a participants badge given to finalists of the national trade competition, so is probablebly held in higher regard than a tinny. Mametz
  10. I agree with Claymores point " if you can,t show it off " because ultimately the thread will die. Most of the tinnies will have been posted and we will have nothing to say, but it,s a difficult one as you don,t want to be going over the same ground. Regards Mametz
  11. Great idea Don, i for one would like to see a hj tinnie data base, as it is now you have to wade through a lot of stuff to find your interest. The sa database is very good i am sure others would appreciate your effort. Regards Mametz
  12. Thanks for that, there is a scary copy of this cross on this site " Third Reich. ca " i don,t know what it,s like in hand, but i could see this fooling many collectors described as a "post war original it looks pretty good. People like this are ruining this hobby new collectors getting caught with stuff like this are put off and give up,What to do about this i don,t know apart from studying known originals and keeping up to date with the latest fakes. Regards Mametz
  13. A very nice cross is it unusual to have such a large number 1 mark others i have seen the 1 is smaller? Regards Mametz
  14. Three nice ones there, is the last one for sa brigade Plauen? Regards Mametz
  15. Some real nice ones there,the Oberwiesenthal 1939 is stunning it,s in Tieste,s book 3rd auflage the only one i have, as pappe. The 1938 skitreffen he says is efoplast, what the difference is i don,t know Regards Mametz
  16. Hello My first go at posting a picture hope it works Regards Mametz
  17. Looks good to me, if its a fake it,s very scary. Regards Mametz
  18. Good luck but don,t build your hopes up with these "trustworthy dealers in the uk" very rare birds. Regards Mametz
  19. Nice bronze Potsdam badge Pete, there is supposed to be a grey painted version of this badge but i have never seen one Regards Mametz
  20. It would appear to be a 1936 chained ss dagger, but you need to post more pics of the blade and motto also details of the chain and scabbard. Looking at what you show my first impression is it looks very crude lacking detail more pics Regards Mametz
  21. Whats that weird looking thing above the clasp never seen that before very strange!
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