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  1. Thanks Jim, and thank you for your help. The GMMM is a 333 marked one. The silesian eagle is the official version made of blackened iron. One of the hooks of the WH Spange is missing; the rest is OK
  2. ..and here we have the bar. Oberst (Generalmaj.) Walter Drück born: 26.4.1900 in Cannstatt (Stuttgart) died: 16.10.1970 in a car accident (he lived in the border region of Württemberg/Bayern in the near of Heidenheim) He got the silesian eagle for fighting in the east in 1919. The SMMM had to return as he got the golden one. He also was the youngest Kriegsfreiwilliger of his bataillon in the age of 15 years. He married Pauline Theodora von Mühlen in Finca Chulac (Guatemala) in 1923. I think he got his military merit medal for fighting in Verdun.http://en.ww2awards.com/person/3729 my best item of 2016. I bought it on 31st of december.
  3. Hi - i need help: Is that shown piece a good genuine one, or is it a fake? Sorry, i have no better pic of the clasp. I think it is a 1st Form. Thanks for help!
  4. the company / name does still exist till today.
  5. There are a lot of types out there. I have had 5 different in the last few years. Between 1914-18 13.000 were awarded. HOw many were awarded till the 1920s - nobody knows the correct numbers.
  6. A few years ago all the medals were hanging on that bar. So it seems that Weitze decided to sell them separate. 1. - Braunschweig KVK Nichtkämpferband 2. - Braunschweig Militärdienstauszeichnung (if my mind don`t error me) 3. - Bayern Zivilverdienstmedaille I think he was an higher official of the Herzogtum Braunschweig. May be someone of the Ratsklasse.
  7. Da kannst Du ans BB die 3.klasse bis zur 1. mit Krone hinhängen. Am plausibelsten dürfte die 2.Klasse gewesen sein. Eventl. auch ein MVO4X - an den blauen würde ich TD EZ25 und 40 hinhängen.
  8. Yes, and i will buy it ... (little joke - i don`t collect Oldenburg...)
  9. Sollte ein Schützenkönig oder eine aus dem möglicherweise Kriegervereinswesen gewesen sein
  10. There were a few thousands of Katholische/luth. Feldpfarrer, Feldhilfsgeistlicher, Feldpater and some Divisionspfarrer, Regimentspfarrer, and Feldpröpste and some of the Feldrabbiner Jews like Dr. Aron Tänzer A famous luth. priest was Rupert Mayer http://images.google.de/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fupload.wikimedia.org%2Fwikipedia%2Fcommons%2Fthumb%2F9%2F9b%2FB%C3%BCrgersaal_Eisernes_Kreuz_Rupert_Mayer.jpg%2F220px-B%C3%BCrgersaal_Eisernes_Kreuz_Rupert_Mayer.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fde.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FRupert_Mayer&h=161&w=220&tbnid=Of7qqG46zzRzWM%3A&docid=oc6VhfLH1vcReM&ei=N5QbWJ71FILxUu78lbgP&tbm=isch&client=firefox-b-ab&iact=rc&uact=3&dur=276&page=0&start=0&ndsp=32&ved=0ahUKEwje7OWSrY3QAhWCuBQKHW5-BfcQMwhAKB4wHg&bih=732&biw=1536 I am collecting photos of those guys.
  11. I know where all those bars a coming from - a big dealer in Northern America. In my opinion they have some good stuff but also a lot of very damn thrash also in the imperial session. A lot of pieces were bought in Germany in different auctions or at some dealers.
  12. I dont know, if the Oldenburg VK is a good piece. The rest looks good. But i would not pay that priece for it.
  13. Got this a few days ago. The seller said, it was taken in Syrie (Syria). Iron cross, Liakat with Swords and Galipolli star. Some notes on the back. Is there anybody out there, who can read arabian? Thanks. I can read Le A. Djemal (french) Herm(ann) Kleeberg or Klessberg le corps 20 Di. means Korps 20. Division
  14. Yes - here we are. It was a jubilee photo because of his 50 years service 1865 - 1915 Seems that he got the non combatant one early - the most of them were awarded post war
  15. Hi to all and Hi Rick... hope you are looking down to us. I can confirm, that the person of that pic is RR Fritz Zingler. I could get a jubilee photo of him a few years ago with his signature on the back. It was taken in 1915 - and shows his medal bar without the wound badge. Now i got Ricks photo from the shop of S.Wöschler so i have 2 pics of him. I think it is in good hands. I have never seen a non combatant with an wound badge. It is an absolutely rare pic.
  16. Hi Roman I don`t think he was a Lipper Junge - he is wearing his prussian awards first.
  17. may be a marine guy - a lots of them had the FAK II. and sometimes the 1st class
  18. A prussian member of the Rats or Direktorenklasse. I think there would be a chance to ID this guy with the HDR 1918 or the StHB 1918
  19. Nearly sure, that i got him. In the last 2 days , i`ve read the HDR 1918 3 times. My eyes are still burning. Simon, Königlich preussischer Geheimer Regierungs und Gewerberat bei der Regierung zu Düsseldorf Mitglied des Reichsgesundheitsamtes Eingesetzt bei der St. Ausstellung der Arbeiterwohlfart im Ressort des Reichswirtschaftsministeriums. EK2w RAO4 KO3 Bay. LDA1 Luitpoldmedaille Lippe KVK am weissen Band Only the war aid cross is missing. But it`s possible that he got it after the HDR 1918 was printed. the WAC was awarded till the mid of 1924. (~600000 awards) I think i could be very happy
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