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  1. Managed to buy this ..."work of art"...at auction. "Artist" ...unknown, but I think it will be stripped and that I will only keep the medals, buttons, plumes and cords!
  2. Had a hard time to id this item, and I am still not sure how to call it in English. It is a jar made of clay and bearing the old coat of arms of the city of Antwerp. It is called snel or snelle and is derived from a old German word; "Schnalle". Not sure if it was mend to serve wine or beer (or both), but it was used during the world expo in Antwerp in 1894. That expo brought the middle ages back to live and Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia was one of the 1.5 million people who visited the event. The jar came with a doc, witch says it was the last jar standing and sold to a man who seems to have payed quiet something for it.... The jar also bear the AH letters coming from the name of the pub (De Aangename Hof, ...not Adolf H :-)) in witch it was used at that time.
  3. Nice find! Put it on ebay, then you 'll know the market price....:-)
  4. Nice one! And crap my Vietnam lighters are fake's...:-(, no problem, don't know where they ended... But here is a good Korean one(it came from a house clearing I did);
  5. Hello, you did fine! But this ain't a website, it is a forum! There is nothing else to do then wait, until a member (who has knowledge about this ) answers you. You don't need approval by a mod. I can not think of anyone to direct you to, but try to find a auction house specialized in this kind of objects, they might be able to help.... ;-) And keep us up dated, if possible.
  6. Hey Jerry, lots to do, and not many militaria related items coming in ...
  7. just got these in, found in a house clearing;
  8. Hey Steve, I am sure of that and very glad about it! ;-)
  9. Hey Steve, still love that set! And not able to replace it so far... ;-) cheers Kris
  10. hello, +1; do not degrade them to toys! Only if your children are used to get expensive toys... It would also have been nice to get the pic the right side up... They are all WWI related medals. It is quiet a job to name them all, but the second and last one of the top row (if the pic was not up side down!) are interesting medals. And the 3th of the lowest row (défence de Liége) (again with the pic right side up!) The 3 th top row ( old soldiers association medal probably nco...)is a good one too. All others are in a 10 to 15 euro range value (except the palms! They go for 5 euro or even less...)
  11. You could check results of auction's selling identical items, it would give you a idea.
  12. Indeed! Well done. I thought it was north-African or something....
  13. Sorry to say, but still "no go"... Here is what I get;
  14. Hey Werner, thanks for your input ans appreciation. The Medec link is not working.
  15. These medals have always been on my wanted list, but didn't want to pay the high end prices some people ask for them... I was sure to find one, one day om my daily path of house clearing, and flea market visits. It took some time, but it was worth waiting for this one. I managed to find the youngest among those medals, but also the rarest one. "Chefferie" medals with the mention "chefferie" or "sous chefferie were meant to be given to chef's of over 6.000 villages , city's or tribes, from the 1920's until 1958. The one I got, mentions "secteur indigéne" and were ment for bigger regions/concentrations and were in number just over 500. 3 types, of the "secteur" medal, have been made over a shorter period of time (1930's to 1958), the one I am showing was made from 1949 on. The measurement (7 cm), the lack of adornment and the spelling shows this. It is know that Belgian officials complaint many times about the lack of "secteur" medals, during there time in the colony, so apparently these medals were all ready scarce at that time...:-)and the spelling shows this.
  16. Seems like the top of the spike didn't grow old with the other parts of the helmet... But a nice helmet never the less. Got my self one like that too, in lesser condition, hope to get it next week.
  17. Just got my second in! Never thought I would be that lucky. And I should have buy the medal Chris sold....
  18. Found this vintage school poster today; And some new toys on my laptop picture tool....
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