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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am looking for any Belgian items regarding the volunteers for Mexico, from day one I started collecting. All I found is a set of uniform buttons. But never the less very pleased to have them.
  2. The bar shows at the end the 1940–1945 Colonial War Effort Medal, that means he served for at least one year in Africa between 10 May 1940 and 7 May 1945, and the previous medal stands for 20 years of service in Africa; so my guess would be he served in Europe during WWI...
  3. Belgian Congo service star to me because of the color and the second one being the Belgian WWI commemorative medal. Most nco, officers and government officials, where not Belgians, they had to rely on many other nationality's. Great part came from Scandinavia, but we had French also serving in Belgian Congo. So that could explain the French ribbon... and it is not uncommon to see British medals given to people who served in Belgian Congo during both war's.
  4. Hello, I have got a few red flags, when seeing this helmet. -the head of the adler covering the star retaining the spike. It shouldn't come so far, to me. -the form of the star between the country heraldic shield and the adler. Long and narrow, it should fit like in a square. -and the heraldic shield it self, do not inspire me. But I could be wrong!! I would like to see better close up's of the adler and shield's (if possible also the back of the adler), the inner liner, and the sewing of the different parts.
  5. Still looking for any additional information regarding this medal...
  6. Hey Jef, you did great research! Thanks for sharing it. Much appreciated. cheers Kris
  7. Hey Jef, now, this makes a difference! 👍 Thanks for your concur. Much appreciated.
  8. Hey Gordon, the permission I was waiting for, referred to the picture I did post. The permission came rather quickly and my message was emerged to my previous one. So that is all there is to see...but all ready quiet interesting to see 3 different models of the medal in one pic .
  9. I have seen different palm medals up to know and none had a similar ribbon...All different ribbons And a new type of medal showed up as well... I am waiting for a authorization to use the guy's picture. Here it is. 3 different medals (for the Rhine land occupation)can be seen here, all belonged to the same person.
  10. Can't wait to see them. About the badge, here is a ebay page showing 3 sold over the years; https://www.worthpoint.com/inventory/refineSearch?offset=0&max=20&query=katanga+badge And if you check local (Belgian) sites, you will find some more. Belgian Congo is my main interest in militaria. Great part of my collection was found in international fairs and sales (with the help of forum colleagues!!) I am reworking my war room for the moment (my badges are not exposed, yet) ;
  11. Thank you. I noticed the pictures, but I think they where on ebay and didn't take the effort to read...
  12. I got myself this set of medals from a house clearing yesterday. I do know the first Rhine land occupation medal post WWII period. But I didn't know the palms medal, apparently commemorating the post WWI Rhine land occupation.... I would like to read your comments regarding this particular medal (and its ribbon!).
  13. Not really furniture, but a miniature for sure. This well decorated +/- 30 cm high altar.
  14. Finally found the button! And the best part is that it didn't came alone;
  15. I wouldn't trust the tank destruction badge, and wrong ribbons on some of his Belgian medals...
  16. I am into antiques in general and we often clear houses. But just like you, I haven't found much militaria until now. And surely no M35 DD... But never the less, greatest part of my collection doesn't come from fairs or dealers... I get most, sometimes from colleagues who do find militaria, my local auction house and flea markets. Best find ever was a couple years ago. Not really militaria related, and found at the local auction house at a very low price. It can be seen her on the forum.
  17. The style is quiet similar, but I couldn't tell you when Belgian uniform makers started making our own uniforms again.
  18. Hello, I wouldn't be of much help, because not my field of experience! But putting proper pic's could help, I for one are not able to open the link you gave...
  19. That is a pity...but still foreign made (supposed to be ...) Belgian buttons to me...
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