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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew what this case was for and issue dates. I will post the case first then after any replys-if any will post what came in the case--I have no ides if what came wiht this case is a marrage or not..Mike
  2. Hi Rick, yes they are from Germany.. By the lack of new posts of other similar medals--guess they are unique in a way..Happy to have them! Not a fancy enamel item--or cased piece but I have a lot of fun picking up items like this--glad not many others share my interests! Mike
  3. wonder if the same person wrote the message on all three postcards--check out the dates--he dots the one's one the last one and not on the first two--that common?? The writting looks different--could the seller be adding a message on the cards??? Mike
  4. This one is a reversal of the first with Bismarck in the middle. Now I know there are at least two different medals like this--any others out there?? Mike
  5. Don't have any WWII era stickpins as most of mine are Imperial but these kinda relate.. Mike
  6. Ralph, that is a super watch! Never seen one like that before--you do have a nose for finding great items! A while back, Chris Boonzaier posted a thread about WWI regimental watches..(I think) what do they look like? Mike
  7. Not to sound stupid--what does the 50 stand for?? The number of times he earned the award or the years he had it?? Did they have to request the number or was it awarded automatically? Mike
  8. Here are a few in between the wars tinnies I have. delete if these are double posts. Mike
  9. I was wondering if there are other WWI German pocket watchs like this one. I have not seen this type of watch before and would like to see and hear about others. Thanks, Mike
  10. Rick, that is an interesting comment. I don't know the seller on Ebay but how would you know he was suspended from Ebay for shill bidding? Do they make their reasons for suspension public? If so where do they post that information? Would love to check of a seller or two. Mike
  11. I picked this up recently and was wondering if anyone knew what it was for..Or is it even military related?? It is gold in color and larger than a silver dollar. Thanks! Mike
  12. here is a complete set of the history of German soldiers--from 1510 to 1916..
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