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  1. Rusty, Some more photos for your research. Regards, Igor more photos...
  2. Yes, the badge is made of gilded silver in 1928.
  3. Hello John, It’s really most amazing story of Otto Wieprich. I think it could make a nice article in the magazine that I publish here in Moscow. It’s a monthly with emphasis on faleristics, both research and collecting, and it receives quite favorable reference from Russian readers who tell us it’s the leading magazine on collecting in Russia. It’s published under patronage of the Russian Ministry of Culture, the name is ANTIQUES. ITEMS OF ART & COLLECTIBLES, and its site www.antik.ru. What do you think? We could use your posts as the base for the text. Could you send me photos of the items described, big enough to be published in a magazine? I am sure the history behind the group will be of great interest for many people here. Certainly I will send you copies of the magazine with the article. Looking forward to your reply. All the best, Igor
  4. Silver, Maker's Mark (something like JSo?), numbered (938). Thanks in advance
  5. I think it is not a badge. It's a first type of Red Banner Order which existed before 1926. :rolleyes:
  6. I got very interesting unusual medal bar.Is it possible to identify who was the Person? Please, help with name of hero.
  7. You can find some information about VMRO here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VMRO and here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uj-LMAFXKQ...feature=related
  8. I think it is not numbered , may be it's year (1936) . And letters M.H.P.(Монгольская Народная Республика) - Popular Republica Mongolia.
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