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  1. A book i will definately get as both my grandfathers and their brothers fought in WWI. I am lucky enough to have my paternal grandfathers medals and i also have what we beleive is my maternal grandfathers ribbon bar. Thanks for the link Glenn. BTW, and looking at your avatar are you a Zappa fan like me ?? Cheers,Martin.
  2. What a great group of awards Chris. From Destroyers at Narvik to Blockade Breakers later in the war. Very interesting and unusual,i think. Any idea what Blockade Breakers he served on ?? Regards,Martin.
  3. I have tried to post more information in regards to the scuttling of the German Fleet in Scapa Flow on June 21st 1919 from Wikipedia. Sorry but i am not able to post the link here for some reason ?? Regards,Martin.
  4. Yes Chris,it is. There are many charter companies that offer diving tours. Just Google Scapa Flow Diving. Here is photo 8.
  5. Hi guys, i was not exactly sure where to post this set of photographs.Due to the content i figured they would be OK here in the German Imperial forum. My mom gave me this old souvenir set of photo's on my my recent trip to England.She told they were given to her years by an "old lady friend". An interesting set of images of the "Sinking of the German Ships at Scapa Flow on June 21st 1919". The photo's appear to be original prints presented in a titled folder.All of the images are the copyright of a C.W.Burrows. There are 14 photo's in the set and sadly number 4 is missing. Regards,Martin.
  6. Second,it seems that my friends father did serve in Italy. Here is a photo that he may have taken himself of the Coliseum in Rome.His name is on the reverse.. Regards,Martin.
  7. Well my friend managed to provide me with a couple of photo's that belonged to his father,Lester. First,a portrait of the recipient himself. Interesting,that there appears to be a couple of ink circles on the photo that i have arrowed in red.One on the tunic and one in the background It seems to be some sort of intentional censoring ?? I'm not sure. Regards,Martin
  8. Hopefully,we can come up with more rare and "unlisted" titles here Odulf. Thank you for your input. Regards,Martin.
  9. Thanks Odulf, i could not find this "named" tally in my references. Regards,Martin.
  10. Well, a little more information on the recipient. His name was Lester Christian Carstensen.Now my friend was only 12 years old when his father died and the only information he can remember was that his father drove a "gasoline" truck supplying tanks and other motorised transport ? He does have photo's of his father that i hope to be able to scan and post in the next few days.Perhaps these images will provide more information on his unit ?? Regards,Martin.
  11. Again,thank you for your replies gents,very educational for me. I hope to see my friend this afternoon and i will try to get his fathers name and hopefully the unit he served in. Thanks and regards,Martin.
  12. It sure looks looks like he did see some action Rick. Again,thank you for your observations and help. Regards,Martin.
  13. Thank you very much for your reply,it is most helpful and i am sure my friend will be glad to hear this information you have given here. Thanks and appreciation, Martin.
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