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  1. Thanks Jock. Still hard for me to make out the number but i'll take your word for it that it's a "10". Cheers,Martin.
  2. That is a very nice looking tombak Deumer John. Great condition. Here is photo i have of one of these horizontal pin Deumer's in wear. It is on the Luftwaffe uniform from a member of the "Mausi" unit. Sorry,i cannot seem to upload any photo's on this forum right now.I'll try again later.All i get is "upload failed". Regards,Martin.
  3. ​Me too. A rare one IMO. Nice group of photo's. Regards,Martin.
  4. Hi Morten, the guy in the middle appears to be wearing three badges.The EKI,the KvK 1st class with swords,the other i cannot make out. Regards,Martin.
  5. Great photo. What are the uniforms of the non-Kriegsmarine personnel in the photo. Italian??? Regards,Martin.
  6. Hilfskreuzer award in wear on the field grey tunic. Regards,Martin.
  7. That is a great piece of memorabila Jock. Here is a piece i have from the Oceana from 1937. During the war she served as an Accomodation Ship (Wohnschiff). Regards,Martin.
  8. Hi Morten. i do not think that Edgar was suggesting you delete the post,but rather start a new thread on the HJ Tallies.I think i have a couple of images that show the HJ Marine Tallies in wear. Regards,Martin.
  9. Nice photo Morten. Looks the tally is for one of the "Schiffsstammabteilung der Ostsee" ? Regards,Martin.
  10. Hi Larry, it could be one of the "Schiffsstammabeilung" that starts and is followed by a number from 1-20 ? Cheers,Martin.
  11. Nice pic's Morten. But what happened to your new scanner ??? Regards,Martin.
  12. My latest pick up. Oblt,z.S,Hermann Schrenk,Ship's Admin.HK Thor 2. Regards,Martin.
  13. Thanks for the information Ed. I found a copy of the book you mentioned on abebooks.com. A good price and i might go for it. Regards,Martin.
  14. Again,not Kriegsmarine and probably pre-1933 and one i have not seen before. Just picked this one up for the "Marine.Flieger,Abteilung". I do not even see this tally listed in Horst Rivier's Book,"Die Mutzenbander der Deutschen Reichsmarine und der Marine des III,Reiches-1920-1945". Regars,Martin.
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