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  1. That is a very uncommon and desirable Minesweeper badge John. I have seen one of these bages with an L/18 mark on the mainpin,probably leftover Schickle stock that was picked up by Mayer in Pfortzheim when Schickle went under. I have a very rare Schickle Hilfskreuzer award with the same reverse set up,one of only three i know of. Regards,Martin.
  2. Thanks guys. For the additional image and the correction. Regards,Martin.
  3. Hi Jock, it looks like it could be a Marine HJ tally in wear here ? Any chance of a close up ? If it is a Marine HJ tally then this is one big kid. Regards,Martin.
  4. Thanks Jock. Still hard for me to make out the number but i'll take your word for it that it's a "10". Cheers,Martin.
  5. That is a very nice looking tombak Deumer John. Great condition. Here is photo i have of one of these horizontal pin Deumer's in wear. It is on the Luftwaffe uniform from a member of the "Mausi" unit. Sorry,i cannot seem to upload any photo's on this forum right now.I'll try again later.All i get is "upload failed". Regards,Martin.
  6. ​Me too. A rare one IMO. Nice group of photo's. Regards,Martin.
  7. Hi Morten, the guy in the middle appears to be wearing three badges.The EKI,the KvK 1st class with swords,the other i cannot make out. Regards,Martin.
  8. Great photo. What are the uniforms of the non-Kriegsmarine personnel in the photo. Italian??? Regards,Martin.
  9. Hilfskreuzer award in wear on the field grey tunic. Regards,Martin.
  10. That is a great piece of memorabila Jock. Here is a piece i have from the Oceana from 1937. During the war she served as an Accomodation Ship (Wohnschiff). Regards,Martin.
  11. Hi Morten. i do not think that Edgar was suggesting you delete the post,but rather start a new thread on the HJ Tallies.I think i have a couple of images that show the HJ Marine Tallies in wear. Regards,Martin.
  12. Nice photo Morten. Looks the tally is for one of the "Schiffsstammabteilung der Ostsee" ? Regards,Martin.
  13. Hi Larry, it could be one of the "Schiffsstammabeilung" that starts and is followed by a number from 1-20 ? Cheers,Martin.
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