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  1. Sheesh I just now saw these...I can't tell if that's brass on the props or paint? Either way they're both outstanding as usual!! Eric
  2. Hey Chris did you find both the pocketwatch and the protective cover together?
  3. It's hard to tell where this photo is taken, and I think that has a lot to do with what everyone is wearing, It's possible that some of the awards were awarded that very day. We all have had bits and bobs hanging of us that are very much out of regulations,but you walk around shake hands etc.. then you take the stuff off and get back to work. Our Marine attachments couldn't wear any of our Army "stuff" yet we awarded them CIB's,CFMB's etc.. they would always sew these under their pocket flaps on their shoulders and flip them up once in awhile to amaze other Marines. Uwe, I agree whole heartedly Paul has been quite, maybe He can fill us in.
  4. If this was in theatre I could see the subdued CFMB. Those 2 on the right and left of the US Lt. look like they got some war wounds awhile ago,Does Germany still have a wound badge? If he is a faker he's got some balls,but I think he's legit, I have seen the marksmanship badges with 5 or 6 clasps on Bundeswehr soldiers,I even saw a cloth sew on expert badge with a rifle clasp.pretty cool. The US is easy: only ONE foreign award is allowed to be worn at a time.
  5. From what I see the black badge is what Paul said, a CFMB strange that they're subdued and maybe those are French jump wings? The middle guy has US novice halo wings, a C.I.B., expert rifle badge with a few bars (3 at least). I would bet my paycheck that he had a lot of dealings with US special operations. Very cool photo, If I saw that uniform alone I would have thought it was some made up with random badges put on. EDIT: Oh yeah,the middle guy is also wearing Army issued Oakley sunglasses:) Eric
  6. I have always loved Weimar bars,unfortunately I never really got into them until very recent. I am slowly narrowing my field down to Freikorp/Weimar goodness and this thread alone is a treasure trove of information. keep them coming! Eric
  7. Has anyone seen a photo of Hitler wearing that particular EK? Pretty sloppy paint job,not sure if I would would want to give that one to my boss ,but I think it would be easy to verify with a photo..Im sure he had a million EK's in Houses,bunkers etc.. throughout Germany but you never know.
  8. I have owned almost that exact cross. MIne was not engraved and still had some of the paint left, but it had some serious wear and is one of my favorite crosses.Deumer if I'm not mistaking EDIT: Kasle got it
  9. Everytime this post comes to the top I can't help myself from looking thru them for the gazillionth time!
  10. These awards were struck in the early 1800's, then again in 1847, and finally ending in 1918. My question is how can you tell the approx. date it was made?
  11. Looks like the 25 jubilee and date on clasp looks like it's been hammered, like they're hiding something
  12. Great stuff,thanks for taking the timeJohn! Also appreciate the SS numbers that will help me a bit with something else I'm looking into also. Eric
  13. Wonderful piece! I really like your painting style Eric
  14. Hey guys,I was wondering how rare private photos of Hindenburg are? I just realized I have an album...well what's left of an album with a few pictures of Hindenburg trooping the lines. I'll post them here as soon as I get home. Eric
  15. yeah it is! I've had that pic for awhile I have no idea who did it or where I go tit unfortunately, but i'm with you I think the black and whites seem a bit grittier and captures a tiny bit of what those guys went thr,if that makes sense. Color seems to sterilize it a bit. Eric (the 2nd)
  16. I respect snipers wholeheartedly, they have saved the bacon of us regular grunts a time or two, but on the other hand we have have gotten them out of some hairy situations a few times also.They are almost always extremely vulnerable. But I am getting a bit sick of the sniper mania lately,they're the stars of this war, kind of like the flyers of WW1. 173 confirmed is a very high number, I hope for another 173!
  17. Although I don't own one,thought you guys might find this interesting
  18. Is this the document that determines which grade of the Riders Badge to wear,or is it just for this particular competition?
  19. Thats a great photo.I'm only seeing 2 on amazon,how many volumes are there in total?
  20. Hey guys I have a favor to ask,could someone thats up to speed on SS postcard type photos drop me a PM?Thanks! Eric edit: My title seems a bit deceptive,sorry about that.....So here's a pic for your trouble, this is 1 of 5 that Rick did a bit of researching on about 10 years or so ago ..sorry about the stupid circles.
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