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  1. Is the second image one bar or two? It looks like one but the offset between the 3rd and 4th make me ask.
  2. Here’s a photo of several of my ribbon bars. The top is a 16 place shared before of an OberstLt A few more are ID’d but I can’t find the file on my PC.
  3. I agree, I study of reproduction orders and decorations would be great.post war wearing copies, museum replicas, fakes, etc.
  4. Strangely enough found a photo of this man last week while looking for medical officers.
  5. Thanks Glenn, that really helps explain it well. It’s hard for me to keep the ribbons correct when one class is with and the other is without Swords.
  6. I’ve like to have the bottom bar. I would thin it identifiable to its owner.
  7. Superb, I love those groups. ive been searching for a medical doctors group for years...
  8. It’s a very interesting ribbon bar and I’d like to learn more about its medical connection. I too would think a medical Doctor
  9. What type officer would have those awards represented by the ribbon bar? I ask because of ribbon number two.
  10. It’s very interesting for certain. I haven’t found another award to represent the second yellow ribbon
  11. You’re way late on your comment and to be honest it doesn’t help the content of this thread. I’m sure you’re aware on private messages. Someone had brought it up before and a member withdrew. I typically don’t say much about these things but you really reduce my enthusiasm to share my collection and knowledge. If you want to help you can remove the the postings that worry you. I’m not hear to argue so no need to begin one. thanks and I’ll give thought to continuing my contributions. I’d prefer the administrator delete the entire thread
  12. A grouping was sold by the family of a Bavarian General a few years ago 1910 field grey uniform prewar dress tunic field grey M16 Bluse litewka the family wanted to remain anonymous so cut out the names on the labels. I seriously can’t understand why people do that. It may be von Hartz
  13. At first glance it looked like the Africa Star but the stripes both look blackish on a closer look
  14. I have always wanted one but haven’t had the chance.... thise are very nice
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