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  1. Absolutely wonderful painting of Heye. I bet a painting of GeneralLt Karl Gronau would look excellent.
  2. Look nice and I’m happy you finally found a pair. I know how it feels to search years for a specific set of straps. please show us if you add to your tunic. BTW, interesting theory on strap production. I have no clue what process was used and I’ve never given it thought. I bet chip has a theory.
  3. Thanks, I’ve not heard the term Spencer before. I really don’t know why I’m fascinated by photos of what appear to be officers wearing black dress trousers with field gray tunic and cap.
  4. Over the last several years I’ve seen dozens of photos of officers and generals wearing black trousers with field gray tunics. Was this done as semi dress or was it just a preference?
  5. Does anyone have a 1915/16 Bluse to share? Would be nice to see more...
  6. Updated- do others want to share their General or field grade officer tunics?
  7. Hope you’re not quarantined in your home? I’m hoping that this all ends in the very near future.
  8. I don’t recall ever seeing enlisted men wearing devices on their button hole ribbons. It’s very nice to see such a photo.
  9. I think it’s close to the princely Hohenzollern but the black stripes appear thick Do you have more photos of the tunic?
  10. It’s a very nice bar I was fortunate to get with the help of Godishigh
  11. It’s a princely Hohenzollern order but after reading your statement I now keep seeing two little EK ribbons I don’t think the last ribbon for the Karl Troop Cross makes since to me because I would think he was a German officer, not Austrian, during ww1. Do you have a name to the tunic?
  12. It’s been a long while and I had forgotten this thread. Here’s a beauty
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