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  1. It may be Turkish though the white stripes are narrow. I really like the crown and swords on the Bavarian. They’re perfect for the award.
  2. Simius Rex, I have one bar with mini breast star devices and I’m pretty sure it’s authentic. However, they don’t seem to be the quality you show on the trifold ribbon. I’m no expert on these mini devices and this is my only bar with these higher orders. Ill look for better pics
  3. It would be wonderful to find a photo of Prittwitz in the field gray uniform of Gren Regt 6. but there are few photos of Prittwitz as far as I know but many photos never make it to the interwebs.... This is an interesting discussion so far.
  4. Here’s another photo of von Prittwitz. Unfortunately, I can’t find any of him wearing field gray. question, was he awarded the Iron Cross 1st class 1914? I know he wasn’t active long at all during the war but assume he was awarded the EKI.
  5. Was he awarded a higher grade of the hohenzollern by the time he was awarded the EK2? Was he a major or colonel in the photo posted?
  6. ccj

    French Generals

    Yes, that’s a good book. Thanks
  7. ccj

    Post your French Generals

    Does anyone have general’s items to share?
  8. Does anyone have a Bavarian Flugeladjutant aiguillette that will post images?
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