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  1. I don’t recall ever seeing enlisted men wearing devices on their button hole ribbons. It’s very nice to see such a photo.
  2. I think it’s close to the princely Hohenzollern but the black stripes appear thick Do you have more photos of the tunic?
  3. It’s a very nice bar I was fortunate to get with the help of Godishigh
  4. It’s a princely Hohenzollern order but after reading your statement I now keep seeing two little EK ribbons I don’t think the last ribbon for the Karl Troop Cross makes since to me because I would think he was a German officer, not Austrian, during ww1. Do you have a name to the tunic?
  5. It’s been a long while and I had forgotten this thread. Here’s a beauty
  6. It appears both emperor and king have entourage wear their adjutant aiguillette all time. However, it doesn’t seem to common otherwise. great thread
  7. Interesting- have you found any photos of this man? what awards did he have leading up to 1916?
  8. Nice tunic- I've never seen a Franz Joseph Order Officers Cross with Fangs. However, I haven’t seen everything so they probably exist. Were there any Royals assigned to the Regt with this ranks?
  9. How’d you spot that? It looks to be located where the medical patch would normally be applied on the tunic
  10. Chris, this has made me want to pull out my references on officer’s board evolution. I really don’t know when the first subdued boards came about but had thought 1915. I know the Bavarian’s lagged behind the Prussians in uniform changed officially but not sure if that was the case in practice. I noticed the book in the bottom right corner of you picture so I looked and it does reference 1914/15 subdued boards on page 250.
  11. How many Major's weren’t awarded the EK1 until the time these boards began being produced? Or, were there any newly promoted to major rank that had yet to be awarded the EKI before then?
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