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  1. That is the King's Crown pattern which was in use from 1902 to 1953. The slider dates it to post-1906. Pete.
  2. What seems a bit odd to me is that the button in the image bears the post-1953 Queen's Crown. As an Old Contemptible he would be around 60 years old by then. Pete.
  3. Yes, if the middle one is a foreign award which it is assumed to be. I don't think the middle one is a British award but I don't think it is the Order of The Dannebrog either, the red stripes are too broad for that. Pete.
  4. The last one appears to be the ribbon of the Militia Long Service Medal but the middle one is an odd one. Pete.
  5. The reason I mentioned the 1939-1945 Star and War Medal was because there was no mention of him having seen full time service in WW2. The opening post only mentions Home Guard service which would only have merited the award of the Defence Medal. I therefore assumed he must have served full time early in WW2 and seen overseas service to qualify for those two medals. If not then he would not have been entitled to them. Pete.
  6. Wessel, only the first two levels, Knight/Dame Grand Cross and Knight/Dame Commander, carry the Sir/Lady titles. Pete.
  7. Yes Wessel, that is the correct order. It is a shame about the missing crosses though, they would really make a difference. Pete.
  8. The 1939-1945 Star and 1939-1945 War Medal would indicate early overseas war service. Was he a Dunkirk veteran?. Just curious. Pete.
  9. The Victoria Cross and the George Cross take precedence over all other honours, awards and medals. The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire consists of five levels, the three highest levels take precedence over the DSO and the lowest two levels are preceded by the DSO. The five levels are Knight Grand Cross (GBE), Knight Commander (KBE), Commander (CBE), Officer (OBE) and Member (MBE). The same medal ribbon is also used for the British Empire Medal. That gives you six choices as follows, VC, GC, GBE, DSO, DSC, MC., or VC, GC, KBE, DSO, DSC, MC., or VC, GC, CBE, DSO, DSC, MC., or VC, GC,
  10. Thanks for that Graham, great stuff and a great girl, I'd never heard of Louisa Nolan before. I liked the "cough" and "splutter" bit as well.☺️. Pete.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I understand what you mean about the Hartlepool soldiers being in an action against the enemy and about the Irish not being enemy forces. It just seems odd somehow that men can be placed in a situation where they face a good chance of being killed, and many of them were, at the hands of armed rebels/insurgents/freedom fighters and their efforts not being recognised as active service. Pete.
  12. Hello, just a simple question that I am sure has been asked many times before but here goes anyway. Did the British soldiers who served in Ireland during the Easter Uprising, but saw no other service elsewhere, receive any medals at all?. I ask because I know that the soldiers involved in the raid on Hartlepool received the British War Medal and wondered if the same applied to those in Ireland. Any help would be much appreciated. Pete.
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