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  1. Thanks Tony. I'm not too far from there, so I'll have to visit! John
  2. Hi Paul, It was bought from a dealer in London, who got it from another dealer who didn't know what he had... He in turn had bought it from a French farmer in Normandy. Regards, John.
  3. Sounds Great. What's the Museum called? Regards, John
  4. One for BJOW that I'd forgotten about... Footnote: William Thomas Harland was born at Woolwich, Kent in September 1886 and entered the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class in June 1903. Three years later, however, he purchased his discharge, was enrolled in the R.F.R. and joined the Metropolitan Police, in which latter force he served as a P.C. in ?Y? and Thames Divisions until recalled by the Royal Navy in early August 1914. Harland died on 22 September 1914, when his ship, the cruiser H.M.S. Aboukir, together with the Cressy and Hogue, was famously sunk by Lieutenant Otto Weddigen in the U-9,
  5. I really enjoyed all of your posts, chaps. Thank you very much for sharing. Regards, John
  6. Hi Chaps. In what circumstances were the LW Ground Assault badges awarded ? Were they also awarded to the FJ? Regards, John
  7. Excellent response. Thank you John and Paul. I will post my new Junkers FJ badge tomorrow, family committments allowing! Your comments would be appreciated. Regards, John.
  8. Was the Cod Wars actually about 'Cod fishing areas' or was it territorial waters?
  9. Hi All. Can any one tell me how many makers there were of Fallschirmjager badges? And what the makers marks looked like. Thank you.
  10. Hi Ronny, What are the criteria for getting a gun license, and what are the restrictions? regards, John
  11. Paul, Thats the second time I've seen that group. Although he first time on Ebay. Have no idea why its worth(?) ?165.... at best, its a ?100 group with the minor amount of interest. It's not an 'interesting' Division and has no real historcal interest with it. I can only surmise that it might be a relative or same family name. John
  12. Thank you Rich. Very interesting.... I would lkie one , but I think the other half would go into hysterics if I brought that home! John
  13. Interesting.... How many Spanish Pilots fought for the Luftwaffe in Russia, and who else fought there as pilots/ ground crew etc? John
  14. Hi Rich, Nice item.....! What's the price range for these? And Are MG42s cheaper or more expensive? Regards, John
  15. I fully support this decision. You were given every opportunity to resolve this issue. This is a Gentleman's Forum, and ungentlemanly behaviour is not acceptable here. John.
  16. Hi John. I've got a few police bits in my collection. 'V' Divn was Wandsworth (south london). 2nd Divn was Portsmouth Dockyard. In those days the Met had the duty of policing Ports of ; Woolwich-1st divn. Portsmouth - 2nd divn Devonport - 3rd divn Chatham - 4th divn Pembroke - 5th divn Rosythe - 6th divn So it looks like he's spent a bit of time on the docks... Can you post any pics of the engraving? regards, John
  17. Really nice, chaps. I had no idea these items even existed! I was particulary taken by 'Ralph A' s cigar box. Fantastic! Something else for me to look out for now..... Regards, John
  18. I agree. The abbreviations are bollocks. Nasty top John
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