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  1. As my former rank was Sergeant, I decided to collect a Sgt's medal from each Division involved in the hunt for JTR. I have been looking for a 'H' Division example for many years and when the Roskelly piece appeared on DNW I thought I would finally be able to complete my quest. I put an initial bid on the medal with the intention of tuning in to the live auction. However, due to reasons beyond my control I could not partake in the live auction and my initial bid was beaten by just £20. I am still feeling physically sick!!
  2. It transpired that the above helmet did not have 6 panels on the exterior as first led to believe, but rather a 6 panel construction interior! So, the hunt continues. Can anyone please tell me if the Victorian era Met Police helmets ever had a single vent hole and if so, when did they change to two vents?
  3. The fact that there is a possibility they could be Victorian is enough to make me happy. Do you think the leather is from the collar of the tunic?
  4. Sorry, completely forgot to post the front. Would be nice if these were of the Victorian period.
  5. Thanks Dave. Would I be right in believing Victorian era would have split pin fixing?
  6. Hi all, Can anyone please tell me what period these collar number fixtures were used?
  7. I apologise in advance to forum members for clogging this thread with questions but another quick one if I may? This one is not advertised as Met police but would this be considered as the same or similar? It certainly looks similar to these "novice" eyes!
  8. Dave, that's brilliant thanks. This really helps a lot as I always thought the 1880s Met Police helmet had only one vent hole. The hunt continues...with vigour!
  9. Thanks Dave, you’ve saved me a fair few quid. I nearly got this thinking it was a Met police style helmet. Good job I checked! That said, I’ve spent the best part of the afternoon searching as you suggested however, I really cannot see the difference from the grainy black & white pictures available? Can anyone please help my poor old eyes and post a picture of a Met Police helmet from the 1880s so that I can determine the correct shape? Thanks again Dave.
  10. Hi All, Would this pattern of helmet be the same as used by the Met Police for the 1880's period?
  11. According to Himmlers orders laid down in RdErl. d. RFSSuChdDtPol. im RMdI. v. 1.7.36, all employees not employed on police duties were to be issued with a Hausausweis. This pass allowed the employee the authority to gain access to secured buildings/areas where they were employed, but did not afford them any police powers. The basic design of this Hausausweis remained almost unchanged from its inception until the end of the war, apart from a few minor changes to wording and font used. The Hausausweis was made of white card and was validated in the same way as the SiPo Dienstausweis in that it was valid for 6 months from date of issue, being allowed a further 6 months extension. The pass was not valid after this extension and was renewed after 1 year. On 12.10.36, Himmler further decreed that all employees of the Ordnungspolizei not employed in police duties were also to be issued with a Hausausweis. However, this had a completely different design to those issued by the SiPo. The Orpo. Hausausweis was also white in colour but was bi-fold instead of single sided and was made from oilcloth or schreibleinen, similar to the Polizei Dienstausweis. This very rare example is of the Orpo. Hausausweis style but as one can see, it is has been issued by the Kriminalpolizei in Prag. I have only ever seen one other of this style of Hausausweis being used by the SiPo and that was to the same duty station. The reason for this is unknown to me at this time, but it is possibly due to availability.
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