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  1. There is a book called The Whitewash Brigade, which deals with the bubonic plague outbreak and has a roll of recipients. thr SLI happened to be stationed In HK and so they were the major recipients. They were not to be officially worn by serving troops. p
  2. KK official maker of white lion. Its for the Prague trade fair, where many a double agent got inebriated. p
  3. Chris, I think you are thinking of lot 1 in the famous Mentmore sale held by Sotheby's in the 1970s "A French Letter Opener" p
  4. They were designed to hold sovereigns and half-sovereigns. very popular second half 19th century-1914 when gold ceased to be in general circulation. The came in gold silver-gilt and silver, depending on the affluence of the purchaser. There are collectors of these and yop end gold one can make good prices. p
  5. Silver gilt french made circa 1917-20. Quite a few turn up in Brtish groups where the award was gazetted but due to regime change was never awarded. p
  6. I suspect the president Steyn medal is like virtually all other Oranje Vrijstaat numismatic issues a speculative pattern or trial. I have done a lot of looking but cannot find any record of the OV issuing any award medals for the 2nd Boer War. Mind you it would look quite sexy next to an Anglo-Boer Oorlog. p
  7. A Danish diplomatic list circa 1914 ought to reveal the recipient. p
  8. It's the standard Imperial Russian arms post mid 19th century wasused on all sorys of civil and military insignia. p
  9. Most interesting. While it will be a good 30+ years before his service records are released you have done well in your research. It shows what can be achieved without papers and given a lot of the undercover ops will be covered by the official secrets act long after we are worm food youve probably done as much as you will be able to do unless you are able to contact one of his comrades in arms. Paul
  10. Thanks I Think i need a visit the opticians. For a modern piece however, it is better quality than the usual rubbish being manufactured. p
  11. its an inspectorate badge made in Belgrade what the second word means "ODERANE" google tranzlate has not the faintest lovely and rare, probably to fo with fiving or salvage. p
  12. ppThe pandemic has one advantage, abscence of relatives who make locusts seem abstemious. Have agood chrismas all. p
  13. The Maria Theredia thaler was used in the more remote areas of East Africa and the Arabian peninsula cetainly up until 50 years ago several hundreds of millions were struck in the 19th and 20th centuries The Italians struck a variant in 1918 for Eritrea. paul
  14. Yes I worked out Allah thats why i thought it might be the kalima
  15. Thanks Alexander, the only image I have seen of a reverse was plain but it was comparatively crudely made and thus possibly unofficial. All the best, Paul
  16. I think it may be the kalima, the standard profession of the Islamic faith. p
  17. The ribbon is a fanciful guess and is in fact a Ghuznee 39 ribbon. given the survival rate,say with the Hazarajat medal which in silver appears not infrequently, suggests that it was awarded sparingly. Also threr are at east 2 gold Hazarajat medals recorded, which were presumably awarded to field officerd. I would anticipate a few gold specimens of this medal at least at dome time existed. P
  18. looks like the large officers gold I have seen them for neck wrar. paul
  19. I have discovered it was awarded for the sack (virtual genocide) and annexation of Maimana in the north by the kigdom of Kabul in 1876. It is a crudely made uniface starshaped medal with central toughra amd inscription. I was unable to access the image for copying purposes. P
  20. Telge did similar jewelled examples of Bulgarian orders. p
  21. I have a Khan Sahib and Khan Bahadur pair to Munshi Ahmad Bukhsh GOI New Years Honours 1915 amd Birthday Honours 1917 paul
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