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  1. From the ribbon bar a Defence medal has gone AWOL The victory medal may be family related. P
  2. The fakes I have seen wouldn't fool anyone but an idiot. P
  3. Especially with Mexico and China, the ribbons are important, examples with nice original ribbons always make a premium. Also the privately made pieces by Falot and Sacristan are popular. P
  4. Due to the quality of the fakes, many emanating from a former Soviet republic, detailed examination is essential. P
  5. I think there is an reasonable Chance 2 and 3 are ok, obviously subject to detailed examination. P
  6. I have encountered the card case before but they are scarce as they rarely survived but the solid case must have been rarely issued, yours is the first I have seen, maybe for VIPs such as lodge heads. Paul
  7. The crown appears to have come off a legion d'honneur probably mid 19th century and appears to have been appended to the cross. P
  8. London gazette lists all awards from its foundation and is available on line. It is tedious donkey work on but can be rewarding (no published rolls). Paul
  9. The Gazette gives the basic employment of the recipient a wide range of people in government employment receive it including prison officers, naval shipyard workers, anyone basically of non executive rank, they tended to be retirement presents. When looking recipients up, supposing the man Is Fred Bloggs, do not look up Fred Bloggs but Bloggs, Fred and shazzam all will be revealed. P
  10. Nice looking piece, I suspect it is a society badge. For example the order of St Andrew is also the badge of the Scots Guards. P
  11. Used to see them at England Scotland footie matches
  12. It reminds me very much of the Imperial Russian badges produced in the mid 1990s, the problem was they were too perfect, also the hallmarks were too sharp. These are too even to be real. Funnily enough the best production of the GK NYRussian fakes was the Imperial yacht badge. I was offered a decent sum of money to arrange a large production from the faker. I was tempted but I felt my reputation had a slightly higher value. Had I been offered considerably more, who knows........ P
  13. One thing that worries me is quite often unscrupulous people of dubious parentage steal photos from auction catalogues and dealers lists of coins and medals and then put them on e-bay claiming to own them. Obviously when the successful bidder pays for his purchase its the last he sees of his money. I noticed a few Russian badges/jetons which had appeared in a certain London auction for sale. P
  14. Which is why rather than spend all your money on medals a good amount should be spent on reference works, then there is no chance of being fooled by this nitrogenous waste. Mind you I am surprised this stuff would fool a visually impaired quarter-wit. P
  15. So Sounds about right Enzo. I think most of these unofficial medals are connected with the 1908 Young Turks revolution. Some are more self explanatory than others. P
  16. One of the many souvenir medals issued in the early 20th century, this depicts MohammedVthe standard work on Turkish orders and medals Erureten has a page devoted to them. They are sometimes referred to as "Jewish" medals. P
  17. I was born and bred 3 miles from Mitchan lot of family info in the parish church p
  18. you will enjoy this https://mitchamhistorynotes.com/people/notable/worsfold/ Even mug shot of the old boy paul
  19. The Keibel family made russian orders from the late 1830s up till about 1910, first of the dynasty Wilhelm started as official supplier with kammerer (kk) then on his own (wk) in the 1860s he was succeeded by his son Julius (Ik) and his son Albert (AK) succeeded him around 1880 and remained official supplier till his death around 1910 with him the Keibel dynasty came to an end. p
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