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  1. About twenty years ago I was in a shopping mall in Toronto, and there was an elderly gentleman sitting on a bench with a SWB on his blazer lapel. Michael
  2. C2205 falls within 3rd Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers, (Active Service) They were alloted C2001 to C3000 - 2205 is his individual number. L11898 is in the block for the 21st Field Battery Royal Canadian Artillery, again an Active (i.e. overseas) unit. When he re-enlisted for Korea, and S was added, but he did not necessarily serve in his wartime unit. You would need to have his service papers. I suspect he was a very late enlistment and may not have qualified for more than a War Medal. Michael
  3. This thread gives the post-1917 R.A. blocks: http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/42338-royal-artillery-units/ Michael
  4. C2205 falls within 3rd Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers, (Active Service) Michael
  5. "Militarized" would seem to mean police units organized on a military basis, such as frontier constabulary. I'm not sure whether members of the RCMP other than those serving with the Canadian Provost Corps qualified. I have a feeling they may have. Michael
  6. The Railway regiments of the A.F.I. would have had Anglo-Indians. As you say, they were one place that recruited heavily from this class. A "Gunner Guard D'Souza" appears in another of Kipling's short stories. I saw a book called "The Proud and the Prejudiced" listed somewhere, which is a history of the Anglo-Indians. Michael
  7. The Regulations for the War Medal can be found here: http://medals.nzdf.mil.nz/warrants/h18-reg.html The qualification was basically 28 days' service in a military or " Full-time paid members of the specially approved colonial and other military forces, militarised police or militarised civilian bodies" It would be possible that he enlisted say in the Army, but was released on medical grounds and joined the ARP.
  8. It might be a collar badge, although from the description it is cap badge sized. Michael
  9. The lack of a Crown rules out most badges. Perhaps a British University OTC badge? There is something about the bird that looks familiar. The Hurstpierpoint College OTC has a similar bird, but the badge is very different. https://www.google.com.sg/search?espv=2&biw=1536&bih=736&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=hurstpierpoint+badge&oq=hurstpierpoint+badge&gs_l=img.3...2763819.2771029.0.2771485. Michael
  10. I'd like to thank those who have encouraged me to pursue this group. It would be nice to be able to pin down which ship he was on for Korea. Sadly we know it wasn't a carrier. Michael
  11. I know some French bayonets were taken to Germany during the First War, but I believe they were overstruck with German markings. Michael
  12. Here's what I have now. An "Asia" clasp is on order. Still missing a Combat V and stars for the National Defense and Vietnam Service Medals. Michael
  13. I got some French ribbon bars from a Gendarme who had been with UNPROFOR/FORPRONU. He had good memories of the RCMP officers on that mission. Michael
  14. My wife's godfather's medals. P.P.C.L.I. (two tours) and Metropolitan Toronto Police. Michael
  15. Michael Johnson


    Infantry Officers, yes. This one is the 1882 Infantry Officer's Pattern, from the Chatellerault factory https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Châtellerault and is dated 1904. Michael
  16. Just remember the consequences! Absinthe makes the fart go "Honda"
  17. Michael Johnson


    Not as ornate, but with special meaning for me. The sword of Capitaine Marcel Verzieux, my great-uncle, Legion of Honour and Croix de Guerre (awarded for Verdun).
  18. My French isn't as good as my son's (he's teaching French less than six months after graduating), but to my ear her French is extremely good. Michael
  19. Incredible as it might seem to some liberals, other religions aren't offended by Christians celebrating Christmas. I saw a posting where a Sikh had a large sign wishing us a Merry Christmas. My wife retired recently after teaching several years up in Brampton, which is heavily East Indian. Her school was the only publicly-funded girl's school in either the public or the Catholic Board, and so had a very large number of Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. After she did "A Man for All Seasons" - St. Thomas More - with her English class, one Sikh girl reported that she had attended her temple and told them the story, as someone who had put his faith first, although it cost him his life. A Muslim girl chewed out the chaplain for having other books above the Bible on his shelf - "That's your holy book - nothing should be higher than it!' All of these girls respected the Catholic religion, and appreciated it, while never losing their own faith. It is well-meaning, but misguided. persons who worry about "offensive" - and others who are offended by anyone having a religion. My two cents' worth. Oh, and Brian - Merry Christmas! Michael (who isn't ashamed of being a European Christian)
  20. I think it was Wren who speaks of le cafard as a cockroach that wriggles inside your head. But then there's Deborah Harry: J'ai le cafard, Je t'en pris viens voir, Ce que ton amour représente pour moi
  21. Here's a nice one, which I mounted for my wife's godfather Don Malloy, PPCLI and Metropolitan Toronto Police, 52 Division (where I grew up in Toronto). I haven't been able to confirm his MID, but although he would not give details, he was sure he received it. Passed away not too long ago, and greatly missed. As a Toronto boy he should have been R.C.R., but they wouldn't take him (I think he may have had polio as a boy). Two tours in Korea with the PPCLI
  22. He did another ten years - Nov. 16, 1968 - Nov. 1, 1978. On the lookout now for a bronze V for the NAM and star for the Vietnam Service. Michael
  23. Brett, I posted this bar some years back: I really wish I knew whose it was. Purchased in a sporting goods store in Oakville Ontario. Michael
  24. His service record states "Good Conduct Medal w/5 loops". But it also has an Oak Leaf cluster on his National Defense Service rather than a star. Would his reserve service have counted? Michael
  25. It's been an interesting project. I was born in 1951, so Korea was recent events (although always overshadowed by the Second World War. I was 17 when he won his NAM. I already have a National Defense, Vietnam, and ROV Medal. And a Canadian dealer I know has an "Asia" clasp for the Occupation at a good price. Just need the NAM and V, and NUC ribbon. I won't take the group apart and remount it, nor add anything to his GC (I take it one silver star would be correct?). I might try to sew the Asia clasp onto the ribbon.
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