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  1. A good question. Here's a website dedicated to the topic: Switzerland and the First World War This websites cites about 1,000 incursions into Switzerland; mostly by aircraft. Related website, but not specific to the question: How propaganda flooded Switzerland during WWI
  2. So, tell us Jock - what are Bremen prices?
  3. That is such a great piece! Something simple evokes interesting memories. Following the Russian defeat at Tannenberg in August 1914, combat on the Russian front focused on the First (Sept 1914) and Second (Feb 1915) Battles of the Masurian Lakes. Today is the 100th Anniversary of the conclusion of the Second Battle on 22 Feb 1915. Lötzen sits right in the middle of the battlefields. The Masurian Lakes are quite beautiful in summer, but the area is known as being among the coldest spots in Poland during the winter. The winter of 1915 was particularly rough with the battle being fought in
  4. Wounded, EK2, POW, Minenwerfer Abteilung for a short period; looks like a very interesting pass and quite collectible.
  5. Bernhard, that is quite interesting. That now makes sense of what I read as "Die richtige Mischung!" - The right mix of Ludendorff and Stennes.
  6. (Hitler=Bewegung) Hilter Movement. No year, but this must be from before Hitler took power.
  7. Exactly! I missed those handwritten entries on the bottom left column. What is the last entry for 21.5.18?
  8. Despite another blast of cold weather, I sense spring is near

    1. IrishGunner


      Yea, after 10 inches of snow last night and sub-freezing temps, I may have been hasty in my sensory perception.

    2. Claudius


      We are at temps in the "teens" and falling for tomorrow and Thursday. And yet the birds are singing <<<head scratch>>>

    3. Chris Liontas

      Chris Liontas

      We just got another 3 inches; but it is in the 30's finally. We could call this the pre-game warm up..... :) (you've got to laugh, that took me all day to think up)

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  9. It's great to see that those aspiring infantry officers are getting a good education in artillery! That looks like a great book to have...
  10. I'm sure others can chime in with more, but I am always surprised about some small bit in these Passes. Often what looks to be "common" yields some interesting info.
  11. Ian, thank you for sharing your story and experience with the Forum. I've been reading with interest and it is wonderful that you were able to make the visit to the cemetery.
  12. Mervyn, thank you for you very detailed and personal insight. Like all controversial topics there are many perspectives. It is good to read one from someone who experienced the events.
  13. Mervyn, there is no question regarding the evil nature of the Nazi regime. Also, please, do not misunderstand my view as being against Churchill. Quite the contrary, as I said, his decisions on bombing are what make him more than simply an inspirational leader who was good at V-sign photo ops; these difficult decisions set him apart as a true leader - often in wartime - even desperate times - a leader has to make difficult, unpopular, and often times controversial decisions - for the greater good. However, if I am a cynic regarding Britain's - thus Churchill's - bombing policy, then I ha
  14. Aussie, thanks for your post. It certainly has given me a fresh perspective to consider that I hadn't before...
  15. Day old eggs that even ketchup can't revive, I'm afraid. Nothing really new here. Sorry, old friend. "He calculated, correctly it turns out, that the bombing of the German capital would enrage Hitler and he would order his bombers away from RAF targets to the cities of England. A terrible choice had to be made but the saving of the RAF form destruction would mean the salvation of the Nation itself." This is perhaps the key point. And perhaps should be expanded upon. Britain's "finest hour" really begins with many Britons taking their last breaths. The "terrible choice" meant sacri
  16. Just when I thought I didn't need to buy another Russian medal... I also just checked and I never got a 65th Jubilee. Have you seen the 70th available to the public yet?
  17. Hardy / Chip, Nick did a domain server transfer last night. Several posts made during the transfer were dropped. Sorry for the confusion.
  18. It looks like they just dropped a big box of medals off at every Embassy. Even the wives got one...
  19. And here I thought you wanted to keep it a secret that Nazi Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbontrop received this medal while Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Hopefully, paddywhack will be kind enough to repost the roll pages with the "von" names again...
  20. I sincerely doubt this is Civil War era. It just doesn't have that mid-19th Century or Victorian era jewelry look to it, at least in my opinion. Sweetheart type pins are most common from the early 20th Century, especially WW2 and later. And that pin brooch catch looks more like 1960s or later to me. You can go online right now and buy similar looking KA fraternity related sweetheart pins. It has the 10k gold stamp on the back... Maybe some jewelry experts could tell it's date more accurately from that... If those are truly rubies (but to me they don't look anything like genuine preci
  21. I feel like I'm reading the internet version of a ransom note using words cut out of a newspaper. Les, that is indeed a valid question. But I didn't ask to comment on the collector's estimation of "value" versus current prices asked for WWI militaria. We've flogged that horse already: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/64885-combatting-high-prices/ Allow me to re-direct. How much, if at all, have we seen prices of WWI militaria inflated in direct relation to this being the Centenary?
  22. A sweetheart pin for the Kappa Alpha Order, a faith-based college fraternity and social organization. Although, it has no military relationship, it has a strong Virginia base being founded at the end of the Civil War and cites Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee as it's "spiritual founder." It could be dated anywhere from the early 20th Century due to the jeweler's pin.
  23. Interesting article. Another interesting article found in the "comments" section. The editor of the well-known magazine Ebony is the little boy in the photo with the swastika on his sweater. Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany
  24. Does anyone else find the amount of packaging on a new dress shirt to be ridiculous, or is it just me?

    1. Claudius


      you get "new" shirts? To pretend I have a new shirt I take my hand-me-downs and iron hard creases in them then put pins in odd places stick me unexpectedly to simulate a new shirt.

    2. IrishGunner


      I bet you been reading the Imperial German underwear thread with great interest then. Talk about hand me downs!

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