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  1. Hopefully, our Navy Good Conduct Medal experts will jump in with some comments. But in the meantime, to get things started: First, that "Washington" clasp is odd - not an official part of the Navy GCM. The engraving "USS Pennsylvania" and the date 1908, means this was not the famous battleship USS Pennsylvania (BB-38), but rather USS Pennsylvania (ACR-4) or an armored cruiser. BB-38 was commissioned in 1916, at which time ACR-4 was re-named USS Pittsburgh. BB-38 earned the "Atlantic Fleet" clasp. ACR-4 did sail in the Baltic from June 1919 until Sept 1919 on relief operations
  2. 19 years old. These are the stories I wish my high school students could understand.
  3. Armee Korps was my first thought also... bayer. I AK ... 1. Landsturm unit something or another. But I haven't seen before this dual numbered helmet cover either.
  4. I may have missed an earlier post. Why is KuK Inf. Rgt. 83 your favorite? And I've not seen before the artist rendition "Erstuermung einer russ. Batterie" ... I like that one. It's difficult to find RPPC with a Russian theme that are not "crazy" priced. And an artillery connection. Very nice.
  5. The Feuerwehr photo is great! I've been getting a lot of new artillery photos lately; guess I should just off the scanner.
  6. Vince, even as a relatively fluent non-native speaker of German, the handwriting gives me nightmares. The printed Fraktur I can manage. But the handwriting often leaves me more confused than when I started. The more you study it the easier it is to get the gist. But it does take time.
  7. Nice addition to the thread, Jens! Attended the best universities of the time; Heidelberg, Berlin, and Göttingen .
  8. Great find, Timo! I guess the dealer didn't know what he had...?
  9. Agreed, the "10 Recruits" bar is amusing. Haven't seen that one before...
  10. Richard, our Belgian experts will surely chime in, but in the meantime, I would say that this is a nice set of WWI era Belgian orders/medals. They certainly have some value to collectors and I would not toss them to the kids for toys. You can check online for the current selling prices.
  11. Yea, interesting piece from eastern Prussia. I know what you mean about temptation. As I get back into collecting, I have to fight the urge to stray outside my artillery "zone" of collecting.
  12. Yes, interesting. But for a different reason. Now I am wondering how many Austrians volunteered for the German Army since Austria-Hungary had its own option. Apparently, quite a few.
  13. Tony, As far as I know, Škoda did not make a 20,5cm mörser. Your photo is a Škoda 30,5 cm Mörser M11. See here: http://www.landships.info/landships/artillery_articles.html# The other two are heavy guns in fortress mounts. Heavy fortress guns are always difficult to identify; it's helpful to know which fortress or the country. For example, in Grodno, the Russians mounted Japanese guns. Sometimes they are also naval guns for coastal defense mounted in fortresses. The gun if the bottom photo of Post #37 is a 76,5mm Feldkanone; which model year is difficult to see (there are thr
  14. Andy's sources are always great. As I said, I have a first edition original hardback regimental history. It's 435 pages (of tortuous Fraktur), so I haven't read it all, but a check of the Table of Contents shows nothing related to the mountains. 7. bFAR spent its entire time on the Western Front, mainly in the Marne/Champagne areas. Farthest south was Lothringen at the start of the war and later Verdun. I also checked the page which lists units set up from the Ersatz Battalion; no mountain units. If we had the Leutnant's name, that might help... Just a run of the mill Bavarian FAR,
  15. Thanks, Chris, that does make sense. Then Infanterie Geschutz Batterie 24 was subordinate to 15. Sturmbatallion? Can you tell me the source of your info (for my notes)?
  16. So, the bayer. 5. Sturmbat. is the 5. bayerisches Sturmbatallion with the Infanterie Geschutz Batterie 24 being a subordinate unit?
  17. Just got this one in the mail. I haven't done much research yet. I am assume "Sturmbat." means battery (batterie) and not battalion. He was from Oberrammergau and is commemorated on the memorial there... 03.06.1918 Frankreich. He's buried in Kriegsgräberstätte in Loivre. Narrowing down the unit would help, as this was just before 2nd Marne, there could be an interesting story.
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