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  1. If you browse the sellers linked through Google books, you'll find one seller (not me or anyone I know - it's a national book retailer) offering the book at $49.95. That seems reasonable to me for an excellent reference of over 600 pages, but then again, my budget right now couldn't even handle $4.95. Cheers.
  2. All that by 1941? He must have been bored for the remainder of the war. Out of curiosity, what is the citation for Pte. Butters' MM? Is this related to his escapes?
  3. I found a reference specifically about the QM disc. It states this domed type with an "unauthorized buff enamel edge" was popular late in the Korean War and immediately afterwards. The reference is "Encyclopedia of United States Army Insignia and Uniforms" By William K. Emerson. A "preview" with many of the pages visible online at Google books. The infantry blue disc was authorized specifically in 1952 and that same reference suggests other branches began to wear unofficial brass with their branch colors. Curiously though, Tank Destroyer as a branch ended in 1947. I saw somewhere
  4. George, these are Army branch insignia (worn on service jacket lapels) from WW2 and post-WW2 era. From left to right: Women's Army Corps (WAC), Quartermaster Corps, Tank Destroyer Corps. The colored discs are similar to the infantry blue (branch color) disc worn by enlisted infantry soldiers behind their cross-rifles branch insignia. I know the infantry got their blue discs in the 1950s; so, other branches could have as well. However, only the infantry are now authorized to wear branch color discs behind their insignia as an authorized distinction to honor the unique role of the in
  5. I know Schrippen is Berliner. I was being posh for a Prussian's benefit! (At least I didn't say Semmel ) I am having Linseneintopf mit Wiener Würstchen (made by my very own Hausfrau). Unfortunately, no echte Brötchen, Schrippen, or even a Flesserl in the area.
  6. That Purple Heart/American Defense/ETO with Arrowhead is worth way more than scrap in my opinion! Fantastic find! I would be excited seeing that one in the bargain bin.
  7. More books. Well, if you start charging for your research help... We might be able to afford a wurst or two to go with the schrippen und wasser.
  8. At that age, maybe his prices will be coming down soon to liquidate stock before he is liquidated
  9. Just remember, thanks to the Reinheitsgebot, bread and beer are essentially the same...just add some hops. And more refreshing than water.
  10. Might I recommend Pink Floyd ... Every year is getting shorter; never seem to find the time. Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way The time is gone, the song is over, Thought I'd something more to say.
  11. Mike, nice ID on the medals. The top brooch device kind of threw me off from the starting gun. I didn't look further.
  12. For some reason, I have never really thought about the "economics of collecting" other than how it fits into my budget. Militaria fits into my category of disposable income (that not spent on life necessities - and for the record, beer is a necessity!). I keep track of what I pay for every item more out of curiosity than out of any hope of achieving any return. Rather than an investment, I tend to see my costs as overhead. Then again, I don't have anything all that valuable in my collection. I can only hope my heirs make enough off the liquidation to fund good whiskey for my wake!
  13. Hermann, I am fairly certain this is a diplomatic variant of the Court Uniform. My guess is a member of the Consular Service. As to medals, I really don't know, but they aren't official British decorations. I wonder if they are not temperance medals? (Source of image: Wikipedia) If you do a search, I also believe there are a couple threads about this type uniform already on GMIC.
  14. Well, there could be a German connection... but colors are slightly different (yellow vice blue beak and claws). Duchy of Pomerania: The House of Griffins or House of Pomerania (German: Greifen; Polish: Gryfici), also known as House of Greifen. However, dates from 12th Century to 1637. Can't find 1563 as a significant date. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Pomerania Now the Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship or West Pomerania Province with Szczecin (Stettin) as capital. Then there are the Wappen of Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern; but again yellow vice blu
  15. lilnuke - interesting name... You are in the right place with this forum to research your Prussian family member. You might start a new topic with the name of his unit if you know it as the subject; that might get the attention of a specific expert. In the body, post his name, dates of service (if you know them) and any other details you have, no matter how insignificant you might think they are... You never know what might trigger a flow of information from one of the experts here... Of course, any specific questions you already have as well. You can include any image scans of med
  16. Jef, I'm sorry that you didn't get what you were looking for... However, this continuation of the discussion, in my view, has been outstanding. I appreciate every nugget of information regarding German artillery regiments. Thanks for asking your original question. If you find something new, please, let us know... Unfortunately, my short supply of Beligan-style ales is finished. I'm on to my supply of Baltimore-produced British-style ESB's! Then it will be time to visit the beverage store!
  17. A Prussian drinking a French wine while looking for a Bavarian unit that passed through a Belgian/Flemish village en route to Alsace Lorraine in discussion with an American drinking a Belgian-style ale brewed in Pennsylvania. Yea, that all makes perfect sense!
  18. Wow, Andy, what were you drinking yesterday? I want some! That is great terrain analysis! I'm convinced. It still leaves the exact dates and reason for Jef's Vichte diary entry... I wonder if he has access to the diary or a transcription.
  19. We all need to stop simply “checking off” one choice from a list or taking the easiest essay question on a test style of thinking and get the full picture, if we want to call ourselves history buffs or dare I use the term Historians. Brian, the moral to your story has me thinking - always a dangerous thing. As I delve more into the world of education, I waver between determination and disenchantment. I am disheartened that most "students" regardless of age or level of study, look for the easiest path. They rail against any essay question, let alone an easy one. They want multiple choi
  20. Mark, ahh...the clues to an issue piece makes perfect sense! I'm so used to seeing EK2s on bars or with only pieces of ribbon that the long ribbon on your cross is unusual to my neophyte eyes. Thanks for answering - adds to my understanding.
  21. Well, I got enough work finished (cleaning and assembling an old crib for our grandson's upcoming visit during Thanksgiving and raking some leaves) that now I have time for a few beers while there is still some nice late afternoon weather! And I knew you would come through with some useful info to the question of the 12. bay. FAR in 1917!
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