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  1. You are absolutely right. My fault. I just saw the shoulder stripes. So he wears a 07/10 tunic with M15 shoulder boards. Thanks for the correction! I wrote it sunday, 7am, with a little headache...
  2. Hello! Lindau i.B. means Lindau in Bayern (Bavaria) In Lindau was the staff, the I. and the III.Bataillon of bavarian 20th Infantry Regiment. He wears the Bluse M15 with white piped shoulder straps = infantry
  3. Hello! In this case you could translate "über" with "superior". So it will be a "Superior-Material-Battle".
  4. Hello! Ranklist 1895 Korps-Arzt XIII. württem. Armeekorps: Generalarzt 1.Kl. Dr. v. Fichte (rank as Generalmajor), he also was chef of military medic detachment in the war-ministry Assistenz-Arzt 1.Kl. Dr. Hopfengärtner, same corps Promoted to Stabsarzt Sept.12, 1895 Ranklist 1897 No entry for v. Fichte Hopfengärtner: Stabsrarzt in Gren.Rgt. 119 Sorty, I don´t have a ranklist of 1896
  5. Hello! Yes, of course! I believe in you. I´m stil trying to identify that officer. I know, there were around 34 argentinian officers in germany in that time. Unfortunately I don´t know anyone who owns the regimental history. Maybe this one will help: http://bibliotecadigital.uca.edu.ar/repositorio/revistas/oficiales-ejercito-argentino-alemania.pdf But my spanish is limited on words I can use in a bar or a restaurant...
  6. Óla! Muchas gracias! But my man wears a coat, so we can´t see his regular uniform. From which book is the plate taken, please?
  7. Hard to say... It could be grey or light grey-green... I am 50. What do younger eyes see?
  8. Hi Chris! The diffreence to page 131 is, that those caps had a grey base-colour and a reseda-green Besatz. Page 305 shows it in grey-green. Let´s wait, what Chip says.
  9. Hello! To me it´s a prussian Jäger-Mütze with visor. Kraus writes (Die Deutsche Armee), page 305: Introduced Einheitsfeldmütze from July 20, 1917, with grey-green cloth, Besatzstreifen and Piping with minor colour-differences.
  10. Hello! I love the "medal-board". Probably it is the medal for bravery. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medal_for_Bravery_(Austria-Hungary) But the Blonde´s butt is phantastic too... I also attached an austrian 1st.Lt. of 1.Rgt. Tiroler Kaiserjäger with the Edelweiß
  11. Hello Chris! A very nice collection! The Edelweiss is not an "official" one, but the "long" ones were worn too by german troops (inofficially)
  12. Hello Gordon! Thanks a lot! Now there ain´t no reason to sew it upon my jacket... The patch will be a later one...
  13. Bayern. Do you know, where I can infos about argentinian soldiers, served in germany in that period?
  14. Hello Grey C! Offizierstellvertreter. Maybe bav. 5th Art.Rgt. Then the photo should have been taken before 1916. Since 1916 bavarian artillery had helmets with the ball too.
  15. Hello! Sory for my late answer. I must have missed your last entry. Could he be 42? Are you able to get an argentinian ranklist of 1908/09? I checked a lot of sources, but I couldn´t find any lists with officers who served in Germany. I know, in 1909 there were 34 who served in Germany http://bibliotecadigital.uca.edu.ar/repositorio/revistas/oficiales-ejercito-argentino-alemania.pdf
  16. Hello! Does someone know, if a swiss national patch was worn upon this M70 Parka? I´ve only seen photos wihtout any patches. Thanks a lot!
  17. Hi Chris! Prussian helmet and Hessian buckle... Why? No idea. Probably a Landwehr man. He took, what he´s got...
  18. Hello! I.1 = Bayerisches Garnisons-Bataillon Nr.1 (bavarian garrison-bataillon N° 1) of the first bavarian army corps. Formed June 4, 1915 in Munich. Placed in Rosenheim, used as border and railway protection. The soldiers normally were "garnisonsverwendungsfähig" (usable in garrison) and not "kriegsverwendungsfähig" (usable at war), that means, they were not able to fight at the front, but only serving in the garrison. They also served in POW camps. Note, this man has a Mosin-Nagant M1891 rifle!
  19. Hello! Thanks for the correction. I only looked for a Württemberg service. Tha´s the problem with the ranklists... There ain´t no first names
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