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  1. I jus received this great little card today. It is a collectors card or trade card from a set supposedly printed in 1905. It appears to be printed in French and depicts the handing out of the Maiden's cross in 1871. [attachmentid=31918]
  2. I have been under the assumption that by the end of ww2. The TR was handing out EK2s like handing out candy on Holloween.
  3. Isn't it possible that the Cresent moon and Crown could be mistaken for a side ways anchor? [attachmentid=31375]
  4. Glenn, Dan, I would guess that this was a jeweler repair job. It was nicely done. Definately not done in the trenches. Now I need to find some 1870 ribbon. Anyone have any ideas on that ????? thanks for the replies Greg
  5. This came in the mail today. A 1870 Ek2 with the Godet "short 7" date. [attachmentid=30810]
  6. I spent a couple hours last night doing a online search. There isn't much out there for info on these. Tony picked a pretty tough subject.
  7. Here is a closeup of the broadarrow and date. Greg [attachmentid=29527]
  8. Here is an example of a British made Khukri. This one is stamped with the broadarrow -> acceptance mark and I for India. It is also dated 1914. [attachmentid=29526]
  9. Isn't anyone willing to give me any feedback at all on these wings and ovals?
  10. Here is a scan of my godet with hooks. Look at the 4 corners. I have compared the inner corners of mine (especial the 6 oclock-9 oclock corner) to Godet ekis owned by Tiger1, Claudio and others. This is very unique to Godet. I would say that yours is more than likely not a Godet. [attachmentid=29402]
  11. Hi Les, Interesting cross. I would like to see a close up of the "W" and the 4 inner corners. 1914 GODET ek1s had a unique pattern to the beading at the inner corners. The crown on yours has much nicer detail then most Godets i have seen. ----On the other hand, The mounting block for the pin looks very much like a textbook Godet.
  12. Hi Bill, That is a nice cross and a hard to find manufacture. I have always wondered why the crown on these is so different than the other ones seen.
  13. WOW, Very nice medal bars. These are the first 1813 bars i have seen as well.
  14. another set (the one that was on the red/blue oval) was marked "SIMCO-GI" I also have a cheezy looking set with a LRRP rocker above it. Thanks for any help, Greg
  15. One set is obviously different from the rest. It is a solid piece ( not hollowed like the rest) and is marked "Sterling","GP", "G-I" [attachmentid=28883]
  16. The backsides [attachmentid=28882]
  17. I have a few sets of jump wings. Most are flea market and gun show pickups and I am sure that none are ww2 issue pieces. I am just wondering if any are real or are they just crap made to sell. [attachmentid=28881]
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