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  1. I can add one from my own collection: The embroidered star from the Danish Vall? Monastery (virgins of noble heritage only ). The decoration was instituted in 1783. /Mike
  2. The impressing set of miniatures belonged to Frederik VII (1848-1863). /Mike
  3. Could it be one of the US hospital ships from the Korean war? I can't remember their names, unfortunately... The (green) stripe between the crosses indicates a military hospital ship (as opposed to a civilian hospital ship). /Mike
  4. Basically it says that a Hauptmann Seitz is not listed in the existing Kriegsstamrollen from Infantry regiment no. 170. And that a person with a military career as described by you could not be found in the existing personnel files from the XIV. (badischen) Armeekorps. /Mike
  5. If Germany is anything like Denmark, then the 'Geheimrat Dr. Schr?der' part of the 'Frau Geheimrat Dr. Schr?der' is referring to the husband. She is 'just' the wife of him... /Mike
  6. A little help: #1, 3, 5 and 6 all contain the village name 'Neumarkt' #4 and 5: 'Heimaturlaub' (= 'home leave' or equivalent) /Mike
  7. Steen, Thanks, I'll keep the different spellings in mind and check it out. Lots of stuff to add to his 'dossier' /Mike
  8. Djedj, This is excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT news! And even pictures! My lacking skills in reading Russian texts kept me ending up in dead ends, so this is terrific! Thanks a lot! /Mike
  9. Thanks to both George and Kim for the suggestions. I'll try to follow them. Kim, You're right that the first initial could be a 'P'. There is also something about the letter(s) between 'Wanno' and 'sky' that seems odd... Keep'em coming /Mike
  10. Djedj, Thanks for the hint. I didn't know about that forum, so I'll check it out. Rick, Sorry, I didn't post a picture for 2 reasons: I didn't have a scan at the time of posting and I didn't think it would provide any additional information. But here I'm rushing with a scan of the name (the award document is for a Grand Cross of the Danish Order of Dannebrog). The "Hr." means 'Mr.' or 'Sir', then the name in question follows. I tried to approach the issue from the 'Order of Dannebrog side', but awards to foreigners are not very well documented. /Mike
  11. Hello all, I haven't had much luck with my questions in this forum, but that doesn't keep me from asking yet another one I have an award document for a "Wannowsky, Imperial Russian General and Minister of War" dated 1891. I would like to find out more about him, but searching the internet has so far come up with nothing His first initial looks like a 'J', but I'm not 100% sure of that... I realize that the spelling is a 'translation' from the cyrilic alphabet and the name may be spelled otherwise in other countries. This doesn't exactly make my searches easier... So now I'm asking the historians in here: Has anybody of you heard of this guy? Any info or links will be highly appreciated. Regards, /Mike
  12. 4. Sweden. Pro Patria Society. The Swedish Pro Patria Society and Royal Patriotic Society issues semi-official medals for long and faithful service. Actually, no. 8 could also be the Danish Pro Dania medal and no. 9 the Danish long service medal (although the buckle on the smaller no. 9 is definitely Spanish) /Mike
  13. I know this thread is about German medals/badges, but just wanted to add: All Danish orders and most medals are to be returned to the state after the death of the receipient (even long service medals). Named medals are usually yours to keep. /Mike
  14. Are you sure? I read it as "?sterr" (as in the abbreviation for "?sterreich") - otherwise the following sentence doesn't make much sense... /Mike
  15. The link still works for me... It just has a new heading saying "The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale." The 'question' I was referring to was this (at the end of the page): Question: Greetings! Where did you get these wonderful medals? Lt. Peter Rieper was the only balloon observer to win the Pour le Merite. He made 3 successful jumps from burning balloons to win the award. I certainly hope you get the price you are hoping for. Dan Answer: Hello Dan - I knew someone would know more about Lt. Rieper. I have updated the listing with your information. Thanks. /Mike
  16. Well, "Miss Olive Greene" does sound english/american... The address is in Turkey though. Maybe a temporary holiday address? /Mike
  17. This is what I can make out: ___ "Happy greetings on the "Day of the Grossdeutsches Reiches". Your (Lore?) I can only tell you that we are very happy about this sudden happy turn in (Austria?). Everybody is cheering the F?hrer, even in faraway M?hlviertel!" ___ /Mike
  18. I especially liked the obviously fabricated 'question' from anonymous 'Dan', praising the set and adding a little undocumented info... /Mike
  19. Thanks Jeff, thats pretty much what I anticipated. So... any takers? I'll even send it for free provided it gets a good home /Mike
  20. I found this patch in a tin box containing papers (award documents, letters, newspapers, etc.) from a guy who served as a doctor onboard a hospital ship during the Korean war. I doubt it has anything to do with him (he wasn't american and didn't fight in WWII), so it was probably put in the box at a later time. I did a little research on the net, and found out it's a patch for "Communications Zone personnel- European Theater of Operations, used between February 1944 and February 1946." Can anybody confirm that? I don't collect patches, so can you also tell me if it's a gem og as common as sand in Sahara? Provided it's not worth a fortune, I'm willing to give it away for free (I'd rather see it in someones collection than in the back of my drawer). (this picture is actually taken from the internet, but if you need pictures of the real patch, just let me know) /Mike
  21. I posted this inquiry in the Russia section, but came up with nothing. I'm repeating it here to see if I have more luck (and it does involve more than one country ) I'm researching a Danish medal given to an Imperial Russian regiment. The Danish King Christian IX (1863-1906) was an honourary colonel in the Russian dragoon regiment 'Seversk' (probably due to his family relation with the Czar's wife). In 1879 he awarded a medal for bravery to the regiment for it's participation in the Russian-Turkish war 1877-78. The medal was only awarded on this one occasion. It was awarded in gold for officers and in silver for others. It is a small medal - 22.5mm (7/8 inch). The obverse shows the King's uncrowned head surrounded by the text "Christian IX Konge af Danmark" and the reverse the text "For tapperhed" (for bravery) inside a wreath of laurel leaves. The gold medal is worn from a white ribbon with thin red edges - the silver medal is worn from a red ribbon with a white middle stripe and a white horizontal stripe (see picture below). My problem is that the only picture of this medal I know of, is of a specimen for the Mint cabinet which is without the ribbon and the suspension. So what did the suspension look like? And who were the receipients? Does anybody of you have pictures of this medal or of soldiers wearing the medal etc.? Or perhaps you even have this medal in your collection? Any help on this matter is highly appreciated. I have tried to illustrate the ribbon (the picture of the medal is the specimen for the Mint) /Mike
  22. George, Thanks for checking. I have searched high and low for info about this medal, but has come up with nothing. The medal was struck and brought to Russia without the Danish Government's knowledge, because they would most certainly have stopped it for political reasons. Therefore there are no official records of it back here in Denmark. I will try in the International section. /Mike
  23. A quick search on the internet reveals, that this order was awarded for "Loyal and meritorious service to the State". That of course leaves a lot of possibilities... /Mike
  24. Checked Liverpool Medals and this should be it (it also comes in a version with swords): /Mike
  25. With my limited ability in Photoshop, I have tried to illustrate what I am talking about Here is a picture of the specimen for the Mint and the ribbon colours for the gold and silver medal respectively. /Mike
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