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  1. I have seen this one a few times. I have a similar photo on file (also marked Sporrong) I made a note at some point, that this is for a Copenhagen 'shooting club' (or guild or whatever English translation works best - Danish word is 'skyttelaug'). Very popular since the end of the 1800s and well into the 1900s. Made by Sporrong in Sweden - probably because it was cheaper or more convenient. I also have a photo of a similar one with an added wreath and 'K S' (Københavns Skyttelaug) under the 3 towers.
  2. My guess for the breast stars: Hungary, Order of St. Stephen Austria, Order of Leopold (also on the sash)
  3. Maybe a stupid question (I'm not an expert in British orders): If he got the MBE (5th class), wouldn't it be the case with "MBE" on the lid? The other case was used for an OBE (4th class)?
  4. Marvelous...! The unknown breast star in the 3rd photo is the Bavarian "Orden von hl. Hubertus".
  5. The name in the books appears to be Flöckher.
  6. According to Wikipedia it's 3rd class (not that Wikipedia is necessarily always correct...)
  7. Great photo! Now I'm not so sure about that 3rd from last being the SEHO...
  8. This site shows one (second photo) with the red cross on the upper cross arm: Order of the Crown (Prussia) | Military Wiki | Fandom (wikia.org) In the above photo it is on the 3rd class order. I can't tell if this specific one is original, but it will give you an idea of what it looks like...
  9. I actually think that no. 9 is the Prussian Order of the Crown (4th class with red cross device).
  10. Based on the photo above, this is my guess: 1. Order of the Bath 2. Order of the Star of India 3. Order of St George and St. Michael 4. Victorian Order 5. Order of the Indian Empire 6. Order of St. Vladimir 7. Order of Dannebrog (silver merit cross) 8. Order of the Redeemer 9. ? 10. Austrian 'Marianerkreuz' 11. Hessian Order of Philip the Magnanimous 12. Saxe-Ernestine House Order 13. 2nd Empire Medaille Militaire 14. French Red Cross 1870-1871 So I see 14 decorations. I'm basing my guess for the Saxe-Ernestine order on the shape (although many orders have this shape) and his father's origin. He may have chosen this one as a gesture.
  11. This is from another photo, but it seems like the same bar (probably from the same photo shoot). The bar is a little clearer...
  12. @filfoster Do you have a better photo of the one you're interested in? The gray tones on the bar and stars are very washed out...
  13. No. 5 on the bar above (and next to last on previous photos) looks like the French Medaille Militaire (the pre-1870 version with the eagle suspension), but why Edward would have been awarded that one, I have no idea... 😲
  14. Here is a photo of Edward VII in a Russian Guard uniform. The selection of medals is a little different. I can see: ? Russian Order of Wladimir, Danish Dannebrog Silver Merit Cross (aka Honour Cross, not Knight Cross), Greek Order of the Redeemer, ? Danish King Christian IX and Queen Louise Golden Wedding anniversary decoration, Prussian Order of the Crown, 4th class with Red Cross Austrian Marianerkreuz, Hessian Order of Philip the Magnanimous, ? French SSBM Red Cross for 1870-71
  15. Would German state orders be worn on the bar if he received them in higher grades? I know that British orders were normally 'represented' on the bar like this (at least for British royalty) and the Silver Merit Cross mentioned above was an 'add-on' to him being Grand Commander of the same order (other royalties like the Russian Czars and the King of Greece wore the Silver Merit Cross too). The Greek Order of the Redeemer could also be represented by a Knight Cross on the bar for Grand Cross recipients, but I don't know if that mechanism was common for German state orders?
  16. On the angled photo, I think there are two crowned orders in the middle of the bar? The leftmost one is most likely the Danish Order of the Dannebrog Silver Merit Cross.
  17. The one at the end on the lower photo is the French Red Cross SSBM award for the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71. Better resolution:
  18. It's hard to see, but the first hallmark could be the French boar's head for silver. The diamond shaped imprint next to it could be the maker's mark, but I can't see it clearly. The second hallmark could be the French Mercury mark for exported silver, but - again - very hard to see.
  19. I'm not a Sweden expert, but it looks like one of the unofficial medals/coins made to commemorate the coronation of King Carl XV in 1860. The reverse would normally have the King's motto ("Land skal med lov bygges"), but that appears to have been removed and replaced with a long service indication... or does the XV numeral maybe refer to the King? I have not seen it with a suspension ring before (and the wreath is slightly different from the ones you normally see).
  20. Maybe this PDF file can shed some light: Mountbatten Papers: Tour diaries of Lord Mountbatten It's a little unclear from this clipping who did what, but maybe a starting point?
  21. Nice pieces! I assume the Dannebrog Silver Cross is Frederik VIII (successor to Christian IX)? If it was Frederik VII (predecessor to Christian IX), the two decorations would have switched places. Per the statutes, if the Knight Cross was awarded after the Silver Cross, the Silver Cross kept its place as the most prominent award.
  22. I think you guys are missing the OP's point... This is clearly a medal meant to commemorate the Boer War in some way. It bears the 1999-2002 years on the reverse, so it wasn't meant to be passed of as an original. The question is... who made it?... and for what reason?
  23. Well, the newspaper mentions the bicentennial of the birth of the Earl of Chatham, who (if it refers to William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham) was born in 1708...
  24. OK... re-reading the thread and I'm confused... The top display seems to belong to Sir Henry Keppel (who was probably never awarded the Order of the Sword?). I can't read the brass plate, but I would assume it is his awards... The bottom display belongs to his son Colin Richard Keppel, and I assume that this is the Swedish breast star that Graf acquired? So isn't it the date for Colin Richard Keppel that Graf is asking for?
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