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Hello friends, I want to share a photo of Order of Queen Tamara. This award belonged to a famous Georgian politician and public figure of the late 1800s- Niko Nikoladze. Niko Nikoladze was the ho

Hello friends,   It seems there was a need for Tamara ribbons in germany in the 20ies and 30ies.   This is from the stock of a well known German outfitter. 27mm, 15mm and 9mm

Picture (drawing) of Friedrich Werner Schulenburg  with Queen Tamara order. The Flag of the Democratic Republic of Georgia (1918-1921) on the background.  

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  • 3 months later...

According to Dr. Klietmann's typology from 45 years ago, only Meybauer produced these in the three IMAGINARY retail-marketing "classes." Although not at all common (I have never been able to absolutely narrow down a Final Number who were eligible-- say 3,000 give or take)-- a great many recipients may never have known or cared about entitlement in their rush to be demobilized in 1919. There were no "late" awards ever authorized afterwards....

Since none of these stars are marked, I've never really cared who made them. :beer:

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Rick, thank you for taking time!!! By carefully reading your previous posts


the general opinion is that Kust produced only enammeled versions. So mine is most likely Meybauer.

Regards, Valter

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There are different patterns. Küst made the "Legion" variety, which I've never seen except in Klietmann's illustrations. The "usual" all blue enamelled centers (without "bulge" over Tammy's ear) are apparently Meybauer's imaginary "1st Class" since nothing else used blue.

Find ribbon bars? (insane giggling laughter) :catjava:

Tell you? :P

Tamara ribbon bars??? :speechless1::speechless1:

Mineminemineminemineminemine!!!!!!!! :violent:

Come not between the Nazgûl and his prey!!!! :whistle:

PS what you see above is THIRTY-TWO YEARS of searching. :unsure:

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Rick, thank you for explaining this! I really appreciate your help!

PS: I'm also looking for Tamara bar... about three years, and since you got a dozen of them in 32 years, it's statistically possible I'll find one soon :whistle: BTW, which one is rarer - a bar or the badge itself?

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And don't forget the documents! or the photographs of people wearing a Tamara! or the chain with a miniature Tamara (recall one was up for auction in Germany a few years ago)!

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Source: http://www.collectnobel.com/Koerber-group.html

Baron Viktor von Koerber "slated for execution after the 1944 Bomb Plot failed to kill Hitler, but was liberated by the Russians from Sachsenhausen concentration camp, thereafter converting to Catholicism; this after having been with Hitler from 1922-1926, e.g. in the Beer Hall Putsch, before any other anti-Hitler Plot member. "

Edited by Bob
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The von Koerbers were NOT Barons.

Since he was still only a Leutnant dR in 2. Leib Husaren Rgt when the war started, too junior (and as a reserve officer "invisible") to guess whether he was attached to the Georgian Legion or ended up on the staff of the German Delegation to the Caucasus. I've never encountered his name in connection to Georgia.

The star he was wearing (post WW2 from his age in photo????) is a hybrid of the Legion-type center with grotesquely oversized Red Eagle Order type rays.

Typical of the fanatastical wearer "improvements" made to this former badge turned Order.

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Wow, never seen a "Tammy" in this colours.

A question that raised here just a few minutes ago: was that a one-class-only award in variations for all purses, or were there indeed different classes? Due to the fact they only got documents and the documents don't state any class, it cannot be the latter - can it?

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"Classes" were invented by Meybauer as a marketing ploy.

There were absolutely no statutory descriptions, since the Menshevik government simply whistled up nothing on paper-- paper which the Germans supplied themselves-- and then back home again in 1919 badges were rushed into production for the demobilizing troops that were simply rip-offs of the Georgian Legion unit badges. The 1918 Order hardly had anything to do with the 1915 Legion--whose Azerbaijani members were the enemy in 1918.

All part of the bizarreness of this award. :catjava:

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