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Landwacht medal

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Thank you Ed for that interesting site. I didn't know that one. I couldn't find that "Landwacht" Ribbon but I have bookmarked that site!

His site and Lukasz's


need to be at the top of any "ribbons" bookmark list!

For medals, Megan's site


and the OMSA database


are at the head of my personal list.

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"Landwacht" was the name for those collaborators in the Netherlands,

as members of the NSB (National Socialism Movement) they were very hatred by those patriotic....

However I can't find a clue to this medal nor a link or something with information about the medals.....

Maybe the information thread or the personal research facility will help???

Kind regards,


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I agree we should split, the thread, but I'm pretty certain it is a Belgian "Rijkswacht" unofficial medal.

Rijk (= Realm) means more or less the same as Land (=Country or State)

We Belgians had untill a few years ago two national police forces: the "ordinary" National Police Force and the Rijkswacht- Gendarmerie. They have now been fused together, I have to admit though that I would have a hard time trying to explain the difference between these two.

Now, somebody please split this thread. :beer:


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Done ! As per popular demand :P


Now that I've seen it I definitely think its Belgian. No Dutchman would design such an ugly medal :P

Seriously, the grenade is Belgian style and the uniform on it is certainly not Dutch. I guess the VR stands for "Vrijwillige Rijkswacht" (Voluntary State Guard) or something like that.

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Yes, and except for the uniform and the grenade,

it's also true that belgium has a certain history of un-official medals.....

So I'm lenied to think that it is a Belgian un-official medal.

More precize Flanders.....

Kind regards,



yes Eric, You're true, we dutchies have a better known history of beautifull medals :rolleyes:

all of ours are designed by Jan des Bouvrie and many other designers.....

Speaking of designers,

We have recently lost a great designer,

No greater designer had been involved with the Dutch Army in all his accents,

Yes, collectors of dutch medals know who I mean,

Frans Smits

Not only a designer but also decorated with;

Knight of the order of Orange Nassau

Resistance Commemorative Cross

War Commemorative Cross

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