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    There's not much I can do to focus on the ribbons, given the quality of the scan.

    I could ofcourse wait for the real experts to reply...but could the first thingie on the medalbar be a small-version of the grandcross he is wearing. :unsure: ...or is it better for me to just shut up.... :blush:

    Nice picture btw!!


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    It certainly looks like a miniature star device, but... it's in first place and by the EK1 we know he has an EK2.

    Also, he's an 1870 vet. So I think his EKs are the 1870 variety, and he ought to have 25-year oakleaves somewhere, and a 1914 EK Wiederholungsspange.

    He isn't in the 1914 ranklist because he was already retired. He was recalled to active service, but the Ehrenrangliste, of course, doesn't show awards. I don't have any earlier ranklists except 1913, which doesn't help.

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