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    I just acquired this 2 place medal bar with an Iron Cross and a Prussian Kriegsdenkmünze, both for 1870. I have yet done my thoughts about this and came to a result, but I'd prefer to hear first what you think about it.




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    That the bar was for a 1914 EK2 and an FKE, and someone switched the medals?

    DRGM designation was created in 1891 and I don't think that type of machine-stamped bar was made in the 1800s. If it was a 20th century bar to an old veteran, it would have a Centenary, oakleaves for the EK and probably bars for the KDM.

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    A million thanks for these extreme fast answers :jumping:

    It's exactly what I came to: the bar is typical 1930s construction, and seems impossible with this combination There are wholes in the EK ribbon, maybe there was also once mounted a 1897 oak leaves, or there used to be a 1939 bar to the 1914 EK II? I think I'll remove the two decorations as they neither belong there nor match.

    Are there yet any opinions to the EK II or are better pictures necessary? To me, it looks like a 1871 Wagner piece, but the ring is not the genuine one ... :shame:

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