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    By far, the second nicest Bavarian Silver Bravery medal group I've ever handled. And, only the third of this medal I've had at all. This poor fellow probably received one horrible wound and was invalidated out. hence in 1934, he had only 2 awards! (plus a wound badge)

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    Nice group Bob love.giflove.gif

    Just for my information, the soldier or the NCO who received this group, why there is no EK2 ? Because like he received this medal, I am esthonished that the officer who purposed him only for this medal speechless.gif .


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    As Stogieman has noted it is suspected this fellow wasn't on active duty very long. Perhaps the act of insane bravery that earned this medal also produced wounds serious enough for him to be discharged.

    Perhaps lending a bit of creedence to the presence of the wound badge in that group...


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    Guest Rick Research

    Those invalided out before the 1918 creation of the wound badge didn't get one, in many cases, until the 1930s-- when awards resumed under the 1936 regulations change that made severity and not number of wounds what counted:


    The Bavarian Bravery medals, like the Saxon St Henry medals, could be awarded for an initial act of bravery and did not require any "precondition" awards.

    That may have been technically true of the St Henry ORDER, though I am not aware of any officer receiving one before an EK2. Likewise, the Bavarian Military Max Joseph ORDER theoretically did not require any other award-- but in that case, processing took so long that despite nominal dates of "bestowal" the paperwork actually came through in an amazing number of cases AFTER THE WAR. I have NEVER been able to understand how a private body (the association of MMJO knights, who vetted each new nominee) was legally ABLE to bestow a title of NOBILITY under the REPUBLIC!!! ohmy.gif

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    I think if you can find one of these for under 1000- Euro, with the correct ribbon, you'd be doing very well indeed.... My experience with these is that they always bring significantly more than the "list" price. The big group to an SBM winner I had went for over 4K and lasted all of about 60 seconds from when I eMailed my "usual suspects" about it being available. As mounted groups, they always seem to go very high in Germany. There was a single parade-mounted SBM a couple of years back on one of the bigger German auction houses. Nothing but the medal on a single bar! It went for 1500- Euro speechless.gif

    As is so often the case with these rarer pieces, it will be difficult to quantify them!

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