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    Red Eagle Medal and Crown Order Medal

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    :speechless: Hi all I'm new to this forum and I just love it!!! There is so much info its hard to read all the posts!!! This is truly a great forum.

    Anyway, I have always been interested in these two awards and I was wondering if anyone knows if these awards have been given for combat bravery/merit? What was the criteria for these awards? Can anyone post any pictures of them?

    Thanks so much for any help you can provide and you'll be hearing from me soon, again, thanks!!!!

    God Bless!!!!


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    :jumping: WELCOME ABOARD :jumping: There is a wealth of information and experience here!! I think you will find this forum VERY useful!!!

    Here's a link to the Red Eagle Medal's owner: http://www.omsa.org/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=684

    I've attached the picture of the "Silver back".

    :beer: Doc

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    Dear Greg,

    in case you read german you will find this interesting:

    Red Eagle Order Medal


    Crown Order Medal


    Very nice articles,

    However when looking at the article about the red eagle medal, I saw a spange with all orders ripped away except the red eagle medal....

    IPB Image

    Now I have 2 questions...

    - was it possible to earn the medal and thereafter the knights grade etc ? Could one then wear both the medal and the uppergrades??? I thought, as long as it's not awarded with swords, one has to send the lower grades back? So if one becomes a knight 1st class, the knight 2nd class had to be returned??

    - what medals/orders are missing on the spange???

    Thanks in advance,

    Kind regards,


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    From the research I've seen Oberst M?ller (Imperial German Cameroon Defence Force), was awarded the Order of the Red Eagle (3rd Class, with crown and swords) in 1905 for his service in Kamerun during 1904. Are the sources wrong or misquoted? Any comments?

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    Guest Rick Research

    Jacky: I cannot conceive of how anyone with a Red Eagle Order MEDAL would or could have ever had a Red Eagle ORDER. The missing piece in first place must have been the General Decoration Medal in Silver, which while worn on the "Red Eagle Order" ribbon, had absolutely nothing to do with the Red Eagle Order, and was worn in that position per Prussian regulations.

    Colonial awards of the ORDER with swords on the combatant/noncombatant "Iron Cross" ribbon have nothing to do with the MEDALS being discussed. While officers got the Red Eagle and Crown ORDERS with swords on the appropriate ribbon for colonial action, enlisted ranks got the Milit?rehrenzeichen 1st or 2nd Class, NOT these medals.

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