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    Bulgarian Army Officers dagger

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    Hi all,

    Here's my Bulgarian army officers dagger. It varies from the Soviet in a few ways. One is the insignias on the upper part of the scabbard. The second is the background on the cap star is pock marked. Third is the grips are a lighter almost ivory color. Fourth is that the blade is not marked. Not sure if that was a standard or not. Also, unlike the Soviet Navy daggers at least, there is no catch which keeps the blade from coming out unless you press a button. Also there is a brass strip running along each side of the grip. And there is no leather on the scabbard. Last but not least, the hanger is a chain with clip similar to the WWII 1st pattern Luftwaffe dagger. Also, on the cap piece just below the cap star, there is no state shield as on Soviet daggers.

    Dan :cheers:

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    Very classy! :cheers:

    Hi Peter,

    Many thanks! :cheers: I only wish I'd gotten one of their naval daggers and whatever others they had at the time as they were really cheap... about $35 each... including the hangars in most cases! :jumping::jumping:

    Dan :cheers:

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    Yesterday I emailed Kurt Gelmser, author of the four volume set "A Guide to Military Dress Daggers". Kurt replied this morning that he had never seen a Communist Bulgarian Air Force dagger. Unfotunately, he did not confirm that one existed. I have never seen any reference to a Communist Bulgarian Air Force dagger. Only army and navy ones. There are other I will contact who may also help with this queery.



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