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    medal bar on ebay - opinions please...

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    I'm not yet decided on this one, but the seller, our old 'friend' thor_1918, is often questionable!

    Hallo Gents,

    Well I could be wrong, (has happened in the past and bound to happen in the future :P ) but I find the way the ribbons look from the rear to be very perculiar, I would expect them all to line up, which numbers 3, 5, 6. 7. dont with 1, 2, and 4,

    Home made - quick fix for the seller market??

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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    No REO and almost certainly a north German sailor who was in in 1897 and served through 1919?

    I doubt it.

    Although it might be a war time bar to some mid-level hero type: Kapt zS or thereabouts

    I'd like to blacklight that red felt.

    I have doubts

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    Guest Rick Research

    Could be an extended bar. I had a quick flip through the February 1918 Marine-Stabsingenieure and couldn't find a match

    but the combination would be that level of some sort of technical officer from the combination of long service, Crown 4, the Ernestine Knight 2nd X (only given to Lieutenants, and only engineer/ordnance types had the long service, Crown 4 etc etc still at that rank) and the BMV4X given to ranks up to Captain.

    The problem is that Feuerwerks and so on officers fall through the cracks in the mass postwar demobilization and aren't readily "finadable" especially with such "invisible" awards as the HH.

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    ... and therein lies the rub with sellers like this. So much of what they offer is questionable, or down-right bad... that you are forced to question everything. The extended bar doesn't bother me so much. We have certainly seen no shortage of "added-in" bars over the years that it is (and will remain) a legit variation of a frygal man. However, to pay a premium from a questionable source is probably not such a good idea.

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