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    Tank Overhaul

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    Hi all,

    Tank Overhaul is a new series on the Military Channel which is premiering on Tuesday at 8 p.m. CST.

    Looks like they take tanks that have been left on target ranges, etc., and restore them to fully operational condition.

    Dan :cheers:

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    You have missed it but Im sure it will be repeated soon. The episode on the Panther was good though it concentrated on the American owners restoration when the Brit collector already had his up and running. These guys are seriously wealthy. :beer:

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    Seen that. I think it will be a spin off of a couple of shows I saw on either that channel or one of the discovery channels about guys - seemed like all filthy rich ones - who rebuild tanks, some of those guys had more armour in their yard than some nations, up to and including a Scud launcher

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    Gutted I've missed the programmes, especially one with a Panther. I saw the programme on Discovery where they restored a Centurian ARV, but this sounds much more like the real deal.

    I was looking at T62's for sale on the internet, you can pick them up now for about ?35K. Might need a bigger garage though.......


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