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    Some free buckles I just got

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    If I am not mistaken, it is the little web tongue that makes a buckle "Tropical", irrespective if Rommel wore it or not...

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks, I have not really been into Heer buckles, and the green on this is different than the green on the other Heers that I own.



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    Hey! Nice buckles....You also have to understand that there was a lot of variety of "green" colour from each manufacturer...I have at least three Heer buckles and they all have a different colour to them. Yours example could be tropical. The fact that some heer buckles have web tabs do indicate tropical but you must also understand that some companies continued to use the web tab as a cost cutting measure (cheaper than leather) even after the DAK was out of Africa....so in fact, there are some heer buckles with web tab that were in fact never used in Africa!

    That being said....let's get back to the buckles: they are a very sweet gift! Very little paint loss on the HJ and the alum LW buckle has a great pebbled field to it!

    Who is the Heer buckle manufactuer? I can only make out a "D".

    Again .... nice buckles - thanks for showing!



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