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    The Mongolian Signature Sleuth........


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    So another Gonchigiyn Bumtsend on the left.

    Is that a second signature next to his?

    I had a look at this signature and it looks to be a fellow named Bayar.

    That name shows up many many times in award booklets both in Mongol script and Cyrillic.

    I've had a look at the other docs. you posted and these are the names I got.

    Some you had, just adding a few more although I'm not sure who they all are..

    the docs in....

    Post 16 and 17: Tsede(?) could be another letter after the last E but it is less obvious on the later document Jan posted (#21)

    18: Bumstend

    Bayar (Can't find him anywhere)

    19: Yanjmaa


    20: Bumstend


    21: Tsede(n)????


    22,23,24: Sambuu

    Sharav (who?)

    25,26: Sambuu

    Luvsangr?tkh (hard to read after Luvsang....)

    27: Sambuu


    28: Luvsan (Sonomyn Luvsan was chairman of the Great Khural from 29 June 1972 - 11 June 1974 and was awarded the SB 3 times)


    29: Tsedenbal


    30: Gotov

    31: Bagabandi

    32: I can't read this one...

    I guess the only new identifiable one is post 28 Mr. S Luvsan....


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    Thought I'd post this in the thread (as booklets are focus)... now, how to recognize the "mark"?

    "decision of the presidium of small hural and Council of Ministers OF MNR for №2'-2"of 16 May of 1941 g.)

    26. After death of that rewarded the relatives of the latter during the year are obligated to return its orders into the presidium of small hural. In the order book the corresponding mark is done, and itself it reveals to the hands to the relatives of dead person as memory about his merits. "

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